y stands for ystad

Day 28 – Y stands for Ystad.


Ystad’s must famous resident is police inspector “Kurt Wallander” – and people from all over the world come and ask for him.  They all are looking for the famous police station – but when finding it  doesn’t look at all the same as on TV and in the films, because the it’s really Ystad railway station house that have been used. The station in Ystad is turned against the harbour and not the rail platforms that is common.YSTAD also in County Skåne – only 40 min drive from Simrishamn, where my famous mum lives. Very picturesque with small houses and cobblestone streets plus a monastery in the middle of town . It’s just on the Swedish South coast and from Ystad, you can reach Poland and  the Danish Island, Bornholm by ferries. 19,000 people lives in the town and 29.000 in the community. Like all towns along the coastline of Sweden, it started of as a fishing village in 1100th century, 1280 it got it’s name.

The Franciscan monastery was founded in 1267 and currently consists of the Abbey Church and the Eastern monastic wing in which Ystads historical museum is housed.
Of the north and west wing, which was demolished in 1600, only ruins remain. The church is now owned by the council and is used both as a museum and a local place of worship room. The museum contains rooms for temporary exhibitions in the refectory, chapter house, cloister and the church aisle.

The southern part of Scandinavia’s oldest surviving timber-framed,”Pilgrändshuset”, built in 1480 and the four-house Franciscan monastery was finished. On the town square, there were four wells and a town hall with its beer hall in the basement.Ystad is usually seen as the city in Skåne, where buildings from the late Middle Ages to 1700’s best preserved. The street layout in the old town is largely unchanged since the Middle Ages and several medieval buildings have been preserved, such Kemnerska farm. “Apotekarhuset” from the 1400s is one of the oldest inhabited houses in the whole of Scandinavia. 

Once a army based town – since 1812 until 1997 – then the barracks was shot down. Today the barracks has become a film studio’s – and film making institute – with the making of all the “Wallander” films during the years has been one driving force behind this development.

In Ystad they have also a Ystad CSI institute, very appropriate for all the brutal murders “Kurt Wallander'” have to solve. Ystad has roughly the same distance to Copenhagen as Landskrona has – about 60-75 min. and the purple trains run here too.
Ystad also has a soccer college and the oldest cinema, Scala, in Sweden over 100 years old – still in business.

Ystad has wonderful sandy beach just in walking distance – and they also have one of Sweden’s top SPA, Ystad Saltsjöbad.

In total they had 7 real life murders in Ystad, so it’s a very peaceful town – and they where not solved by Kurt. Henning Mankell’s books about the miserable police inspector has put Ystad on the European map and when BBC decided to make their versions of Kurt – the world opened up for Ystad too.
Twinned with
 Søllerøds kommun, Danmark
 Haugesund kommun, Norge
 Ekenäs, Finland

I would say it’s the prettiest town in County Skåne – everything is so pretty, charming, clean and tiny. Good food, great shopping, culture, sea and sand – what more can we ask for.

Now to Henning Mankell’s “Kurt Wallander” – 12 books translated to English.
1. Pyramiden (The Pyramid)
2. Mördare utan ansikte (Faceless Killers)
3. Hundarna i Riga (The Dogs of Riga)
4. Den vita lejoninnan (The White Lioness)
5. Mannen som log (The Man Who Smiled)
6. Villospår (Sidetracked)
7. Den femte kvinnan (The Fifth Woman)
8. Steget efter (One Step Behind)
9. Brandvägg (Firewall)
10. Innan frosten (Before the Frost)
11. Händelse om hösten (The Grave)
12. Den orolige mannen (The Troubled Man)

Swedish TV serie: 1994 -2007
 Faceless Killers (Mördare utan ansikte) (1994);
 The Dogs of Riga (Hundarna i Riga) (1995);
 The White Lioness (Den Vita lejoninnan) (1996);
 Sidetracked (Villospår) (2001);
 The Fifth Woman (Den 5e kvinnan) (2002);
 The Man Who Smiled (Mannen som log) (2003);
 One Step Behind (Steget efter) (2005);
 Firewall (Brandvägg) (2006);
 The Pyramid (Pyramiden) (2007, video only).

(Kurt Wallander, 1994-2007 – Rolf Lassgård)

 Before the Frost (Innan frosten);
 The Village Idiot (Byfånen);
 The Brothers (Bröderna);
 The Darkness (Mörkret);
 The African (Afrikanen);
 Mastermind (Mastermind);
 The Tricksters (Den svaga punkten);
 The Photographer (Fotografen);
 The Container Lorry (Täckmanteln);
 Castles in the Sky (Luftslottet);
 Bloodties (Blodsband);
 The Joker (Jokern);
 The Secret (Hemligheten).

 The Revenge (Hämnden),
 The Guilt (Skulden),
 The Courier (Kuriren),
 The Thief (Tjuven),
 The Cellist (Cellisten),
 The Priest (Prästen),
 The Infiltration (Läckan),
 The Sniper (Skytten),
 The Angel of Death (Dödsängeln),
 The Phantom (Vålnaden),
 The Heritage (Arvet),
 The Dun (Indrivaren),
 The Witness (Vittnet).

(Kurt Wallander, 2005-2010 – Krister Henriksson)

Kenneth Branagh – Wallander (BBC)

BBC – 9 TV films in total with Kenneth Branagh as “Kurt Wallander”
HENNING MANKELL  are one of  the most successful criminal fiction authors in the world, but he has also written children books and about 40 theatre plays, 50% of them translated into English. He is currently considering halting the Hebrew translations of his books.

Henning was on board the MS Sofia, one of the boats which took part in the flotilla which tried to break the Israeli embargo of the Gaza strip  Following the Israel Defence Forces’boarding of the flotilla on the morning of May 31, 2010.

So from a charming town in Southern Sweden, with some violent murders solved by a very miserable police inspector by name of Kurt – to the Gaza strip.


Ystad is a must – if you ever visit Sweden and make sure you come in the Summer .. because the winter are brutal.

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9 thoughts on “y stands for ystad

  1. Lovely travelog today! There’s something about reading words from language that is just so pure and sweet..like this one.. Skåne with it’s pretty little embellishments…

  2. Well, I’m embarrassed to say that I hadn’t heard of Kurt Wallander. But now that I have, I will have to read some of the books and see if I can locate some of the films. Thanks for sharing. And what a beautiful town Ystad is.

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