budget spring monday

We have a fantastic day today …. Clear blue sky and hardly any wind – so it was time again to visit NETTO for mum. So with the shopping trolley and the camera off I went.

Took the detour along the harbor, no fishing boats in … they always leave early on Monday morning and we will have their first catch in tonight sometime. That’s why we can’t buy fish in Sweden on a Monday – all fishmongers are closed. Only one big fishing boat at the quay …. Think it had engine problem.

Loads of new flowers has come into bloom now and the ice cream café was open – people sitting everywhere in the sunshine, had turned the benches around so they can have the sun in their faces.

Walk on some beautiful backstreets today and admired the street houses as we call them, tiny cottage in bright colors side by side.

Saw my first apple blooms today, but it was on sale in a pot at NETTO. The shop was very busy … normally I go on Saturday and quite late in the afternoon. Somehow I needed up on the most beautiful courtyard with very old houses surrounding it. I was able to walk through it.  Against the road the houses look totally different, so I was so surprised that from the courtyard the old building details where kept, but against the street was the building white. Today all covered up in plastic, they are probably going to paint it. 

Looking at watch when I came home .. I been out walking combination shopping for nearly 3 hours. Some of the stuff I saw I will share with you now.

My little pigeon that’s was laying in her nest 14 days ago … is gone, the nest is empty. Wonder what happen. Somebody has probably scared her. Became so upset when I saw the empty nest the other day and checked today too … she has left. How sad and the bush she was nesting in is now full of millions white flowers.

“Winter is on my head,
but eternal spring is in my heart.”
Victor Hugo

19 thoughts on “budget spring monday

  1. Yes, it has been a stunning day … best of all no wind. Yesterday was like living in a milk package, so bitter and moggy. Yes, my shopping walk was very enjoyable. My camera and I are getting good friends now. Need to work on that before my trip to US.

    • Yes, the spring sun is really something special. Brings out the good and nice in us. “My” bird was laying on her eggs … so I think that’s it, she will not lay more this year and the ones she had must be wasted. Really upset me. She was laying there without a move in ice cold rain. Hope she are okay and not hurt in anyway.

  2. Don’t know if was him or her that was at the nest yesterday, don’t know what is what. Look the same to me. Sat on the edge of the nest – what I understand know is that there will be more eggs if something has happen to the first. Hope she is okay. Gone attached to the wee thing.

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