to follow … response and terry!

“Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow.
Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
Albert Camus

Yesterday evening I was awarded again – this can become a habit.
Terry – Terry1954 – nominated me for “The Adurna Blue Best Follower Award”-
a very pretty award logo, and it also seems to be a new award that has been created, could be wrong, but can’t find much information about it. Very honored, especially as her explanation for the nomination is that I always speak my mind and always give a straight opinion.
Terry, I will hold back a while with my pass on with the nomination – have some specials in mind, but I wait. Because this is all about response. Everything in life is about response … if we don’t get response on our feelings, friendship, work, love, jokes (good or bad), laughter’s and smiles … affections, heart, soul, body and word – we wouldn’t be able to live.
Read somewhere many years ago that …”We are not alone so long as somebody response to us”

A hearty thanks to you, Terry – you’re a very special woman, so strong and tough – you have some kind of drama in every day that comes to you, because of your care and love for your brother. Remarkable! You own a big generous heart and soul.

Lots of Viveka

Now I have … got my first nominees for this award – and it goes to: – because she is always there following me … and supporting me and she loves my jokes and I love her recipes. – to Wendy, my special connection in Hamburg .. that are supporting me and cheer me on – that gives me inspiration. – the reason for that is that she is always there cheering on me .. and making comments – plus most of all she always explains and give an answer.  reason for I give it to Malou is that she has supported me since we linked up – always a support and always give comments – always answer mine. A delightful connection– Maralee – one of my longest friends here and very special to me … she cheer me on, she comment .. she answers and she share the beauty around her with me. – Libby – that also cheer me on .. comment and answers me. A true follower and that has become a good friend.

Thank you all for being there … and for your support and inspiration. You’re very special. 

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