s stands for stieg larsson

Day 21 – S stands for Stieg Larsson

“To my first wife Sue,
whom I always promised to mention in my will.
Hello Sue!”
Anthony Scott

S could also stand for Success Stories or “Salander” – because that is what his millennium trilogy has become. The 3 books about “Lisbeth Salander” – this mystical girl that has taken the world with storm. Stieg Larsson was a very outspoken journalist and author known for his action against right-wing extremism and racism. He gave 1991 book “The extreme right” together with Anna-Lena Lodenius, because of strong views and many time did he and his partner, Eva Gabrielsson (architect to profession), needed police protection, because of death treats hanging over them both. Maybe they didn’t write the whole books together, but Eva had an input in each book while sitting in each end of a sofa at their apartment on Bellmansgatan 1, Stockholm.

When the first book was finished he knew that he was on to something that should become very big – he said that this will be our pensions. They start looking for a plot by the sea to build their dream house with a living room that was going to be big enough for them to have one sofa each.

Stieg was also from 1982, the Scandinavia correspondent for the British anti-fascist magazine “Searchlight” – from the end of 1970 he was very active in the Swedish communist party, and he left in 1989. In May 2008, they found a will – where Stieg has donated everything to the party, but because the will wasn’t signed – it was not valid.

Stieg was born in 15th August 1954 in Skelleftehamn, his parents where only 19 years old and he died from a massive heart attack 9th November 2004, at work in Stockholm. So he where never got to know how successful his 3 books will become.

Because Stieg and Eva weren’t married and there was no will written – the whole inheritance, financial assets and literary activity went to his father and brother. A very bitter fight started between the family and Eva. The family even tried to throw Eva out of their home, but that they couldn’t take it from her by law.

There are a 4th book that he/they were writing on when he died and that it is now on a laptop. Eva has claimed that she didn’t know where the laptop where – the publisher is after it and the family wants it. The 4th book’s title is “Guds hämnd”/”God’s revenge.” Now she has admitted she has the laptop and that she will finish it when the climate is better.

Eva has written a book about the whole ordeal, a well-received book; “Millennium, Stieg & jag”(Millennium, Stieg & I), – where she tells her story about the bitter fight with his family, the publisher and the assets. The book was released in Jan-11 in English and French “Stieg & Moi” – “Stieg & Me” written together with Marie-Françoise Colombani, a French journalist.

Two books has also been written about Stieg, after his death. “The Man Who Left Too Soon” by Barry Forshaw and “Stieg Larsson, My Friend” by Kurdo Baksi and Laurie Thompson, this book has got very good reviews. Haven’t read any of the books, not Eva’s neither.

The Millennium trilogy is one of the world’s best selling book series. First book was published 2005 – the contract with the publishing house, Nordstedts, where signed in 2004. He had to try to get it published before, but nobody took the bite. It was a good friend of his, famous TV reporter and personality, that took it to the publishing house. The trilogy is sold in 63 million copies worldwide and translated into 50 languages.

The trilogy has become – 2 part TV series (Swedish), 3 Swedish movie films with a different director for each one, but same actors in all 3 films and the TV series. In 2011 Hollywood released their version with Daniel Craig och Rooney Mara. I have seen them all and all are good, but the 2 part TV series – the best. The first movie “Män som hatar kvinnor”/”Men who hates women”/”The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (Swedish version) with Michael Nyqvist and Noomi Rapace , had in 2010 taken in 800 million SEK/$119 millions/£75,5 million/€91 million worldwide. It’s the 3rd most none English spoken film seen in the world – 6 million people has seen it on cinemas in over 25 countries  and Eva doesn’t get a krona from it.

The Stieg Larsson Prize – founded in 2009 and that in 2011 became an international prize.
(Text; stieglarsson.se) “Stieg Larsson was not only a writer. He was also a dedicated fighter for freedom of expression, against racism and against the oppression of women. His struggle was based on the simple idea that every human being has a right to his or her self-expression. Larsson’s dedication expressed itself in his curiosity, in his sharp analytical mind, in his sense of humour, in his humble and selfless attitude to those around him, and in his belief in a better world.

In memory of Stieg Larsson, Norstedts publishing house, together with his father and brother, Erland and Joakim Larsson, have established a yearly prize of SEK 200 000/
€22 500/$28 300/£17 500. The prize is awarded to a person and/or an organization working in the spirit of Stieg Larsson”

A very sad and bitter success story and could become a film in itself – and who knows, Hollywood may come to that. Let this be a lesson to all women that is living together with somebody without any paper drawn up – GET it drawn up YESTERDAY.

In the film version of “The Girl with Dragon Tatto” was this tack “Orinoco Flow” with Envy use during the in the unpleasant scenes for otherwise it would have been even less threatening than it is nevertheless.


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11 thoughts on “s stands for stieg larsson

    • Tilly, how could you miss those??? *smile – he was 2 on the world top seller list 2 years ago. You have to read them. Excellent books. Yes, it’s a great quote.

    • Yes, so do we all over here – when the family tried to throw her out their apartment too – there is so much money there, enough to share on 3. Terrible thing is that neither father or brother want to be close to Stieg when he was alive, because of his strong believes and outspokenness. Try to rent the Swedish version of the films – they are really good.

  1. Read all three and been to the movies! I feel for his wife.. how perfectly greedy and awful his family is! Surely there was enough money made to make everyone happy! Good on her for keeping that last book..

    • Glad that somebody has seen the movies too .. so many has only read the books. Talking about Swedes … do you still need my help with the Swedish dish ????

  2. You are really writing some great, interesting profiles. Keep it up! These books were intense. Honestly loved the first 2 then struggled through about half of book 3. I will try to reread that 3rd again.

    • The 3rd book has a lot of politics in the beginning of the book, I was struggling too – but if you come through that – it’s good as they others. I put the book down and saw the movie – after that it was easier to read. If you haven’t seen the movies – I will happy to send you them.

  3. I loved his writings that I cruised the internet to know more about him. It is too bad that he died so soon, he’s such a great loss. And yes, I feel so bad about Eva. They should have gotten married when they first thought of it. Money really changes people and things.

    • So true … but she are sitting on the 4th book .. because they wrote them together – and when everything has settled, if it ever will – because the publisher claim they have the right to the 4th book and so does his family, his family had rejected him .. money can be and evil tool for some.

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