r stands for ramlösa

Day 20 – R stands for Ramösa, probably the best mineral water in the world


Ramlösa only is only 15 min away from Landskrona with train – to the north – on a straight railway line to Helsingborg and Gothenburg.

Ramlösa is a nice little neighborhood  – 4600 people lives there in South Helsingborg, but what it’s really all about is the OUR bottled water, Ramlösa

A Swedish health Spa with it’s mineral water, founded June 17, 1707 by John Jacob Döbelius. The well was built up around their on manhole Döbelius investigated 1701, 1705 and 1706th In the course of the 1700s increased health well’s reputation, attracting visitors from both Sweden and Denmark. Mineral water well habits period of greatness in the early 1800’s, when several members of the royal family and members of the nobility regularly visited the plant. In the late 1890s found a new and more mineral-rich alkaline source, which was the start of the bottled water and the modern mineral water company it’s today.

Ramlösa Hälsobrunn – the company bottles and marketing of mineral water from two sources of mineral water health spa, which the best known is that from the alkaline source. Ramlösa has been on register as a company since 1789.  

Most of the water is now bottled from the source was found at the end of the 1800s and has bottled since 1912. The factory was originally in Ramlösa Valley but was moved in 1973 to a new factory in Ättekulla industrial area where the water is now transported through an underground pipeline.
Ramlösa brand is today owned – by Carlsberg – probably the best beer in the world.
The facilities are bottled each year over 80 million litres of which about 10% is exported to various countries.

Let me give you some Danish humor at it’s best by Carlsberg – nothing to do with Ramlösa, but so funny.

The water currently is bottled from mineral water health spa comes from two sources: from the alkaline source is found at the end of the 1800s, which was the first to be bottled, and partly from the so-called Jacob’s source, which is rooted in the original source from the 1707th The water from both sources are classified by the Food Administration as natural mineral water. 

Mineral water Spa Hotel or Stora Hotellet, built in 1807 – located in the mineral water spa gardens in Ramlösa. The building is built entirely of wood with a landscape painted yellow panels and white-painted building components. It is one of Scandinavia’s largest wooden buildings and the monument was marked 1973rd.The period 2005-2006 the building was a total renovation inside, designed by Danish by Tegnestuen Vand Coast. The hotel serves as a office building, but not used as a hotel today.

(text; carlsberg.se) – Ramlösa &  the Red Cross
Water for the water. Newly established Ramlösa Water Fund will provide with safe water to vulnerable parts of the world. For every liter sold donates Ramlösa a liter of pure water for various water projects in Africa. That means than 60 million gallons of fresh water annually.

Was in Seville a couple of years go on holiday – and in their main department store’s food hall I found Ramlösa. It felt good to be Swedish, even if .. it’s  Danish today – the springs/wells are still in Sweden.

“Honesty is Wonderful” 

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    • Thanks for visiting me .. and words of appreciation – they went straight in the software. Wish you happy blogging and I will come over and visit you. Have a great weekend. Viveka

    • Thank you so much … I wonder really how much of all the mineral water comes from a well/spring??? I think that France has about 30 different mineral waters and we have about 6. Ramlösa is a really good water, with just the right saltiness.

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