p stands for “pytt-i-panna”

Day 18 – P stands for “Pytt-i-Panna”


“pytt” stands for small diced – “i” for in – “panna” for frying pan. So it’s just what it says “on the tin”

It’s is a “leftover” dish that all Scandinavian countries do under different names. We also call it “hänt i veckan” – what happen during the week – as it’s reflecting it’s origin as a dish made with weekly leftovers.

In the old days when most restaurants had “smörgåsbord” over weekends – and with all the cold meat being left over – this was the dish – to make out it. One of our most popular traditional dishes we have, but it’s not very often found on menus anymore. It was always the bestselling dish on what we called – the late supper menu – something you had before you went home and to stable the drinking with. Especially popular with male guests. It’s also the dish you will find in all Swedish cockery books about “husmanskost” – traditional home cooking  – when I translated “husmanskost” with help of google it comes up as “potluck” ???? !!!!!!!!

One of my favorite dishes – and so easy to make – today I think most of us buy it readymade, frozen and it’s a massive seller in supermarkets – we big choice of brands to choose from and every large supermarket chain has their own.

I buy frozen and then I fix it up with adding more chopped onion and left over meats. It’s a very long time since I made it from scratch. My best friend in Stockholm made fresh every time I visited her, while living in aboard.

Perfect Sunday brunch dish – because it cures a hangover very well (personal I wouldn’t know *smile). I would put this dish into the “hash family”. Somebody has called it the “Queen of comfort food”

Pytt-i-panna, serves 4
• 12-15 peeled potatoes, finely diced (1×1 cm)
• 300 g (10.5oz) smoked pork/bacon/pancetta, finely diced
• 2-3 yellow onions, finely diced
• Any left over cooked meats or sausages, finely diced – the more mixture of meat the better it gets
• Spices: salt, freshly ground black pepper (and perhaps allspice).
• 4 eggs and pickled beetroots for serving – I also serve mustard and salt pickled cucumbers

1. Blanche potatoes for a few minutes in salted, boiling water.
2. Fry bacon at medium heat in a big frying pan, preferably cast iron, until fat has melted.
3. Add the drained potatoes well and add to pan a little at the time. Fry, stirrig gently, until portatos are golden.
4. Add onions (and additional meats as available), fry until onions are transparent (and meats are cooked through).
5. To taste, add salt, black pepper and perhaps a bit of allspice.
6. Serve with fried eggs or raw egg-yolks on top, and (always!) with pickled beetroots on the side
7. You can add left over cooked or raw vegetables too. What ever you fancy. Personal I stick to only potatoes.

With this I would serve ice cold beer or milk and a freezing snaps.
The best way to serve a frezzing snaps – is to keep the vodka/snaps bottle in the freezer all the time. Rinse the shot/snaps glasses with cold water and put them in the freezer until time to pour the snaps. The glasses comes out all full with frost

This is a dish that goes down very well with the kids too.

I always eat my “pytt” with raw egg yolks, at least two per portion – and I have converted some of my friends – not all and they will get their fried eggs.

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10 thoughts on “p stands for “pytt-i-panna”

  1. I know … all day breakfast – they served that in UK – LOVE IT!!! This we normally eat for dinner or coming home after a heavy night on the town, before going to bed – to soften the hangover a bit.

    • Yes, you have … without the egg and the beetroots – it is not the same dish. I don’t think it’s PyttiPanna how cure hangovers – it’s the pickled beetroots and salted cucumbers. My grandpa always eat salted cucumber the day after and he was okay after 2-3.

  2. Almost has a look of cornbeef hash. I’d take a runny fried egg.
    Pickled beet I can work with too.
    We use to do a duck hash in my cafe- fried potatoes with duck confit… topped with a fried egg. Good stuff too.

    • Same .. thing – I suppose – great food and it always taste good. Liked duck confit – loads of flavors. We wouldn’t eat PyttiPanna without the beetroots in Sweden.

    • Don’t think it’s the dish that helps from the hangover – it’s the pickled cucumbers and beetroots. Anything with vinegar is good for a hangover, but the food soaks up the fluid in the stomach – so it’s good to eat it before bed and the hanger over will be lighter. A fantastic way to get rid of leftovers too.

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