n stands for nils holgersson

Day 16 – N stands for Nils Holgersson


“Nils Holgersson’s Underbara Resa”, the first book I ever read and since then I probably has read about 2500 books. The last couple of year I haven’t read one book!!! Have bought 20 and started on 5 maybe. Don’t know what has happen. DVD’s, MP4 and internet is what has happen, I think.

“The Wonderful Adventure of Nils”, the book title is in English – is a fairy tale that children today should enjoy, but I don’t think many children those days have ever heard about Nils and his adventure. It should today fit into what is at present defined as contemporary fantasy though this term did not exist at the time of writing.Still it’s translated into 40 languages. Written by Selma Lagerlöf in 2 books, published in 1906 & 1907 – that became one book.

Original the book was written as a school book for Swedish geography.

Selma Lagerlöf, like many leading Swedish intellectuals of her time, was an advocate of Swedish spelling reform. When published in 1906, this book was one of the first to adopt the new spelling mandated by a government resolution on April 7, 1906.

The story is about the lad, Nils together with his cat, that on a back of  Mårten, the white goose and he travels across Sweden and all the adventures that comes with that. It’s the most fantastic children book – so exciting and on the same time kids learns about their country.
Nils on the goose’s back is a familiar image, which provides most of the association with this book. The journey began as the story March 20 1898, Nils came home to West Vemminghög, November 8 the same year .A goose named Mårten and is a white tame goose who decides to go along with the grey geese, a biological peculiarity recorded at different times. Core goose named Akka, with the name of the Lappland mountain range.

In May 2007, Jon Leifsson’s massive sculpture of Nils where raised in Skurup beside E65 and Malmö Airport. And of course a purple train carries Nils name, since 1982 – train set number; 3106

(text: wikipedia.org)
The Wonderful Adventures of Nils is so well known in Swedish culture that a picture of Nils Holgersson, on the back of a goose flying over the plains of Scania (Skåne), is printed on the reverse side of the Swedish 20 krona banknote. Nils is also depicted in the logo of the digital map company Tele Atlas. The sights Nils sees as he and his goose roam the provinces of Sweden were depicted in a series of Christmas plates produced by Rörstrand Pottery. The series began in 1968 and continued until at least 1996, the plates illustrated the topography, architecture, industry, and wildlife of Sweden.

The book has also become a couple of films:
1939 – Sweden, an animated short film
1955 – Russia, 45 min animated film
1960 – Sweden, 90 min live action film
1962 – Japan, anime, where he meet wild raccoons… and the sun goes down in East ???
1980 – Germany, 90 min animated film
2011 – Germany, tv series (2 parts) 230 min total; This version uses a mix of real animals, puppets, and CGI for the geese and other animals.
Now Sweden is planning to make a cinema movie in 3D.
And it has been also been a very popular stage play/musical for many years here in Sweden, don’t know about abroad.

In Skåne, my county, we have something called “Nils Holgersson Cup” where boys and girls, women and men play soccer/football and where the national league’s teams have found their upcoming stars.

Plus that TT-line, ferry company  that has passenger and freight vessels between Trelleborg, Sweden and Travemunde, Greman has a massive ferry named “Nils Holgersson”.

So if your children or grandchildren haven’t met Nils yet, make sure they will. It’s an astonishing story.

Just found out that we can get THE WONDERFUL ADVENTURE OF NILS”on iTune as an interactive children book! Learn something new every day! So Nils is still very much alive.

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14 thoughts on “n stands for nils holgersson

  1. Beautiful illustrations. Will have to look further into the story
    And I think your right on the reading books…too many devices. I love reading but have to almost force myself to do it because I spend a lot of time reading blogs..which are also very interesting but certainly not the same.
    Couldn’t get the youtube show in Germany- Gema locked it down.

  2. It’s a wonderful book .. and the films too. A bit forgotten for the world now – but it shouldn’t be, because it’s such a wonderful fair tale.The animate film was huge in Germany and Holland. Pity about the little video – there is loads on youtube with the film.

  3. Both my son and myself are avid readers. I haven’t heard of “The Wonderful Adventures of Nil” here in Australia, but I’ll be sure to check it out.

  4. Just came across this post, missed it somehow. What a wonderful story about a story. Its great that such a children’s character became so intertwined with Swedish life. I am unfamiliar with the book and will also look out for it. Thanks Viveka.

    • It’s a wonderful children book .. and the films are great too. Very exciting story – Semla Lagerlöf was a fantastic story taller.

  5. You make me want to read it, Viveka! Sounds an equivalent to Hans Christen Anderson. Just gorgeous. The illustrations are beautiful (especially that train in the snow one).

    • Thanks for reading one of my old post … I like the photo with the train named after Nils Holgersson in the snow storm too.
      It’s an amazing children book -Selma is fantastic author.

      • Hejsan, Håkan … tack för du stannade till. *ler
        Ärligt talat vet jag inte var på nätet jag hittade den information, leta precis över allt efter information när jag skrev inlägget. Men har annars inte hört något om filmen i 3D, men visst vore det fantastiskt om det verkligen blev av. Ha en bra helg och välkommen tillbaka. *ler

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