i want to thank …

… all the time …  my PC … my patient,  that I don’t have … wordpress.com … my never give up mentality … google … my netbook and Wendy@Chez Chloe – My second award, the Liebster Blog Award – my buddy in Hamburg that makes the most perfect Macaroons, pretty cupcakes – and the best looking ricotta pancakes I seen – not because I have seen that many – before I was picked up by her. One day, I promise!!!

So now it’s up to me to nominate and I would like to nominate to so many, but I have decided to give out 5 nominations.

Back Road Journal – Karen, because you has the most adorable potting shed and you manage food  in a brilliant way .. with your writing and photos.

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls – you, guys you have taken me to many fantastic places/restaurants in London, that I MUST visit next time I’m in town. When you write it’s like I had been there too.

Mazzarella Photo – Chris, don’t have a clue if you would be interested in be nominated for an award, but I would love you to have it. I love your photos, your view on nature and the respect you have for it – how you give it to us and share with a very gentle hand.

Fabulous 50’s – Sherry, because you are such a wonderful free spirit – you have an eye for the world and words. You travel alone and you have a hungry for life.

400 daystil40 – because you write about things that we all can relate to and have an option about, at least I have.

“Getting the nomination is like gravy.
Winning would be like whatever is better than gravy”
Billy Bob Thornton

Photo provided by; inkingrey.com

12 thoughts on “i want to thank …

  1. Congratulations Viveka on a well deserved award. And how very kind of you to think of my blog. I am really honored that as a trained chef, you enjoy my recipes. Thank you so very much!

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