i stand for ikea (of course)

Day 10 – I stands for IKEA – what else can it be!!!!


There is so much information about IKEA on the net – my head is spinning .. but I have just picked up some, that maybe isn’t common knowledge.

We can hate or love IKEA – but we can’t avoid it. And it’s HERE to stay.
270 stores in 38 countries in 4 continents
Germany has the biggest market with 44s stores
Net income: €2.7 billions
Employees 135,000
Most sold product: Billy Bookcase – sells 10 every minute around the world.

The company founder, Ingvard Kempard, was only 17 when he started a mail order with loads of different products, in 1943 – the flat-package idea came to live in 1955 – 7 years after I was born. So IKEA has always been around for me. Still have my “Billy” Book case that I bought 25 years ago. In those days I had 1400 books, and I have read every one of them. 29 meter of Billy book shelving I had.

Today their website contains 12,000 products – that is massive and impressive – the website has 500 million visitors per year.

In the beginning was it only the stores outside Sweden that was blue & yellow. Can’t really remember when they decided to go blue & yellow with their Swedish stores too, but it happen when I was over in UK – maybe 15 years ago.
The first store was open in Älmhult, Sweden in 1953 and called “Möbel-IKEA”
IKEA is the letters pricked from the founder’s name – Ingvard KEmpArd”
First store outside Scandinavia opening in Switzerland in 1973.

Their largest stores:
1. Stockholm Kungens Kurva, Sweden: 55,200 m2
2. Shanghai, China: 49,400 m2
3. Shenyang, China: 47,000 m2
4. Tianjin, China: 45,736 m2
5. Berlin Lichtenberg, Germany: 45,000 m2

Houses, flats:
IKEA has also expanded their product base to include flat-pack houses, in an effort to cut prices involved in a first-time buyer’s home. The product, named BoKlok was launched in Sweden in 1996 in a joint venture with Skanska. Now working in the Nordic countries and in UK, sites confirmed in England include London, Manchester, Leeds, Gateshead and Liverpool.

Christmas Boxing day – the stores taking are given to the staff, as a yearly bonus – I think they still do that.

IKEA food – in restaurants or shop … a saver for all us, Swedes living aboard – so we can get our coffee, mustard, crisp bread, cookies, lingonberries and prinsessbakelese.  In the restaurant we have our meatballs and salmon gratin. And their brilliant hot dogs by the exit, for $0.50

I’m very proud over IKEA – and I love their stuff.
Hate it or love it – we all must admit that it’s a brilliant business idea and when people all over the world buys product’s that they can’t pronouns the name of – then you have success on your hand.
My boss wife, in Belfast – always said that her husband could move into one of IKEA’s showrooms and live there without any problems.

Belfast has only 268.000 people, but got the first store on Ireland, because Dublin couldn’t make up their mind – but 18 months later Dublin got theirs. Normally IKEA only build stores outside Sweden where there is a population over 1,5 million. First stores with lower population base was Edinburgh and Glasgow.

I have a little sunshine story about me and IKEA – but that have to be left for an other post.

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9 thoughts on “i stand for ikea (of course)

    • I know .. I think even the Queen of England has something from IKEA even if she never been there. Do you know that they can never sell IKEA – it’s an foundation – they money goes straight back into the company and the children are getting a salery, but no control over the company. Forgotten to write about that.

  1. I have never been into an Ikea – our nearest one is around an hour’s drve away. They are certainly very well known. Have friends who shop there in the UK

    • Brilliant shop … you would love – and there pots and pans – are one of the best on the market. They have a range clalled 365+ – knifes .. everything you need. They are winning over all the big brands time after time. Same with their beds – every test they are in they win. We Swedes has fantastic bed manufacturer and they all get beaten by IKEA’s comfort. There kitchen are so well planed. You will love it.

  2. IKEA is very cool … I think. Never been there as a child .. so I don’t have clue what pencils you mean. They probably still have them. Thanks for dropping by. *smile

  3. I love some of it and hate some of it…we certainly have our share of Ikea pieces, but i try to mix it up. I had no idea about the houses though. Wild. And it was a brilliant concept.

    • Yes, IKEA is store where you buy bit and pieces. Bought my bed and I have never slept so well. Pots and pans .. brilliant quality too. They have come a long way. Have at least 10 friends that have IKEA kitchen and they are so pleased all of them. Very well thought out and planned. Great – so proud of them.

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