g stands for “gravlax”

Day – 7; G stands for “Gravlax”

WHO LAYS 3.000.000 EGGS,

The other day – doing me “D” day – it hit me – I should really bring Sweden to the challenge – been thinking and I decided to change directions here – started of so well with Swedish Apple art, so I will give it a go. Good luck to me!!!

So with G – easy, “Gravlax” and I think everybody knows what that is. Have done tonnes in my days over in Sweden we did about 80 sides and 30 liter of sauce at the time. So I have in my fingers – and I do a fantastic gravlax and done it for nearly 35 years and there is nothing wrong with my sauce either – the most important thing is when you do the “hovmästarsås” you have to use a sweet mustard, go to IKEA. There you can buy the sauce ready made and it’s called “Gravlaxsås” and it’s a good product.How I prefer to eat my “gravlax” on a crisp bread (Swedish of course and will come to that later) with loads of sauce and dill. Traditional we serve with toast and eat it as a starter or you can have it with boiled new potatoes or creamed potatoes with load of dill in.

“Gravad lax”, serves 8-10
I side of fresh salmon – skin on.
200ml (6,75oz)  (0.85 cup) caster sugar
100ml  (3.38oz) (0.43 cup) salt
50ml (3,5 tbsp) (1.7oz) white peppercorn, crushed – not too fine.
2 bunch of dill – broken in half

1. Wash the salmon and make sure that all the bones are out – the best way to do that is to drag the fingers across the back of the filet – where the backbones has been. Patch it dry.
2. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.
3. Then you take the dry mix in your hands and you rub it gentle into the meat of the salmon – so it starts to melt a bit – until all the mixture is gone.
4. Then break the dill in half – and use the stalks only from the last bunch. Dill is so important for this dish, so I will bash the stalks a up bit – then scatter all the dill evenly over the filet. Put dish,  cover tight, but don’t wrap with cling film and put something heavy evenly over the whole filet. Leave out for about 4 hours – then into the fridge for 2 days.

“Hovmästarsås” – maître di sauce – it’s called that because in the “good old day” – the sauce was made at the table buy the headwaiter/maître di. Don’t think that happens anywhere today.

Hovmästarsås, serve 8 -12
300ml (10.15oz) (1.25cup) sweet swedish mustrad
375ml (12.7oz) (1.60 cup)caster sugar
45ml (3tbsp)red wine vinegar
15ml (1tbsp) salt
15ml (1tbsp) ground black pepper
750ml (25.35oz) (3.20cup) vegetable oil – don’t even think about using olive oil.
The rest of the dill finely chopped.
3 egg yolk (if used on the day)
2 bunches of dill – finely chopped, no stalks.

1. Start with adding mustard, sugar and salt in a bowl – then add the vinegar. Wait with oil, because the sugar will have problem dissolving in the oil. Whisk until all the sugar is dissolved – best way to check it is to take a bit sauce two fingers and if you still can feel the grid – whisk more. If you put an egg yolk into the sauce do it before whisking. When the sugar is dissolved add the oil in a slow pour while whisking.

2. I would wait to add the chopped dill until serving, because it can make the sauce look a bit grey. Save a small amount of dill to put on top of the sauce when serving as garnish.
3. Be very careful with the raw yolk – you can’t save the sauce if there is any leftover. I always use a yolk in the sauce and I dump what’s left – normally nothing.

When slicing the salmon – use a fillet knife and slice it thinly like on the picture here.

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18 thoughts on “g stands for “gravlax”

  1. One of my favourite foods. I have never tried making it but with your recipe I might try. Looks delicious. I like the sound of the sauce too.

    I agree, you should do Swedish things for your A to Z blog.

    • Jo, you can’t have the salmon without the sauce – you lost out a fantastic flavor combination. Please, do the salmon .. so easy and let me know.
      thanks for your support for my Swedish path.

    • Thank you – I also grill the gravlax and eat it warm, delirious. Leave the skin on when you marinate. Can’t remember if pointed that out in my post. Good luck – if you can get frozen dill, that is even better.
      And if the salmon has been frozen – that will even make it better.

  2. Thank God: the real recipe at last!! And I did not have the correct proportions sugar/salt at the moment and your sauce recipe is better than mine: thank you with bells on 🙂 ! And I know i can get the mustard here in Australia!! [Well, I was born in Estonia, grew up eating this, have made it many times in earlier years, don’t know where my originalrecipe is and haven’t liked the ‘additions’ I have seen here and there!] I think, given really good salmon, this dish is so hard to beat in any cuisine!!

    • Thank you so much …. during my years as chef I have made tons of Gravlax – the best thing to find out if the salt/sugar mixture is right is to taste it – it has to have slightly more sugar than salt. Also don’t forget the crushed whole white pepper corns.

      I truly hope it will turn out right for you …. good luck. I love Gravlax, but I prefer it grilled with new potatoes and still the great sauce.

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