e stands for egg

Day 5 – E stands for Eggs 


In Swedish egg – is spelled ÄGG, but pronounced the same way.

A perfect egg – for me is what I call “a daffodil egg” – 9 min’s into boiling, the egg goes in when the water boils. Very picky about my eggs – and it wasn’t difficult for my chef’s to get it right. There is nothing worst then those green eggs with a black rim around the yolk that so many serve – especially in take away salads. Call that type of egg – Easter Egg. Too many of them around in the catering.

Sweden is the only country in the world that guaranty salmonella free eggs and chicken’s – think I have raised that earlier.

Personal I eat raw egg yolks with “Pytt-i-Panna” – one of our traditional dishes where others eat it with fried egg .. with the Swedish caviar, “Löjrom” and I mix raw egg yolks with Gorgonzola cheese and finely chopped red onion then spread it on a slice of rye bread. Something I learned to enjoy while living in Denmark.
In UK are restaurant not allowed to serve raw egg yolks.
And I enjoy VERY much an American Egg Salad Sandwich – with mustard, finely chopped celery and carrots in the mix. Don’t like the British. Sorry !!!  Still the sandwich on the picture looks good enough to eat.In 2009 – 300 prisoners went down with food poisoning  – at UK’s biggest prison,  Wandsworth, they claimed £500.000/€604 546 /$795 100 in compensation for bad egg mayonnaise sandwiches.

1993 – 2 midwives got food poisoning from egg mayonnaise sandwiches at Manchester Airport, UK, was awarded £183.500/€221 868./$ 291 801 each, the sandwiches had salmonella.   Amazing at only 2 people got sick from a big batch of sandwiches.

In Sweden you’re not allowed to go back to work (in catering) – after being on holiday abroad without leaving a stool samples and get a negative result, so that means you have to be back 4 days at least before you start working. If you don’t follow the regulations and infect food – you have to take the rapping all by yourself and that can cost you some serious money. The employer should by law provide free envelops with the test kit for all their staff, not too sure that happens – Stena Line did  and that started over 20 years ago.

Egg are supposedly good for the male sex drive too – they are very high on cholesterol and that is what create developing embryo for sex hormones. So as a man – please rest assured that eating too many eggs will not get you into the hospital, but helps you claim back your manhood instead.

And so we have the “EGG” card in UK, created by Citibank and launched 1998  and caused controversy in 2008, when it cancelled the accounts of more than 150,000 customers with only 35 days’ notice. Glad I kept my AMEX!


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14 thoughts on “e stands for egg

  1. One of the most interesting posts I’ve read this week! Though there’s a lot of bad press for my homeland 🙂

    I love green eggs. But I am British 🙂

    • Tilly, nothing wrong with eating eggs .. and not even the green ones *smile Bad press about eggs – it’s bad practices around eggs that is the tropics. We had an salmonella out break in our company Aug-76 – 35.000 people came down it. Wasn’t because our bad practice – it was salmonella in the Danish chickens that we served and even if we did all we should – it went everywhere, spread like a fire. So easy for on bacteria to escape and that was enough and they multiply by the second. Have written about it – can’t remember what day – about food handling at home. Still 80% of all food poisoning cases happens in our homes. Thanks for your kind words. Happy Easter

  2. Really interesting section about eggs. I enjoyed reading it, except the part about you not liking the British. But I was born in Australia and hove only live in England for 25 years, so maybe I don’t qualify. Hehe.

    • hi there, Frencene … the British egg sandwiches .. no kick to them, no bite what so ever – have done thousands myself. Taste only egg and mayonnaise, and of course that is what it’s *smile. Thank you very much for visiting and your kind words. Welcome bak and Happy Easter. viveka

  3. Great post. We’re big fans of eggs in our house.

    The more I hear abou Sweden the more impressed I become. The UK pales in comparison to pretty much all of our neighbours in Europe 😦

    Thanks for sharing this and good luck with the rest of the challenge 🙂

    • Hi there; David …. thanks for your kind words – there be a lot more about Sweden, the whole challenge will be based on Sweden – a Sweden or fact’s that not everybody or not that well known. Yes, we are an amazing country. There will be a post with 11 youtube video’s about us and our country, after the challenge. So well come back and Happy Easter – go easy on the eggs. Viveka

  4. Very informative post, Viveka. As a child, I love to eat raw eggs of native chicken which my grandfather would break over very hot rice. That was always a big treat for me and my siblings on the few occasions that we spent the weekend with them. 😉

    • Wov … did she break the whole egg or only the yolk ???? Don’t know if I would fancy eating raw whites, but of course it will solidify with the hot rice. You should try to mix gorgonzola with red onion and an egg yolk – just mash it together and spread it on a slice of really dark rye bread. Like pumlenickel. Happy Easter to you, my dear.

    • Yes, it’s terrible with overcooked egg and they smell funny too – I know – we shouldn’t eat more then 2 eggs per week, we where told – but it has all changed and as I wrote they are good for our men. *smile Nice to have you back.

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