stir at all time for easter; lemon & bay posset with marinade strawberries

A dessert that everybody loves – one of our staff members still does it at home … fantastic and so fresh. Easy to make – must have gone our local menu in 2004. Somehow the date on the costing/production sheet has been forgotten … that is me in a nutshell.

This is final touch for my blog composted Easter Dinner – light, lots of crisp colors and don’t take long time to prepare. Hope you like it.

Pimm’s No.1 Cup  – is a English fruit liqueur (Campari type) – gin based with 25% alcohol volume. Very nice to mix drinks with.

Lemon and Bay Posset with Marinade Strawberries, 6 person
600ml (20.30oz) double cream
140gr (5oz) caster sugar
45ml (3tbsp) fresh lemon juice, 2 lemon
10 Bay leaves, washed
12pc Amaretti Biscuits
½ punnet of fresh strawberries
45 (3tbsp)ml Pimm’s
fresh mint for garnish

1. Bring the double cream to boil, remove from the heat and add the washes bay leafs.
Let set for about 20 min – then remove the bay leafs and return to the heat together with the sugar. STIR AT ALL TIME – boil for no more then 3 min. Take of the heat and add lemon juice.
2. Fill up the indv. serving dishes (I use coffee cups) Chill for at least 6 hrs before serving.

Cut the strawberries into quarters and poor the Pimm over – let marinade for a couple of hours.

When serving – drain the marinade away for the strawberries and put a few on each cup of posset – garnish with fresh mint and dust with icing sugar, serve the biscuits on side of cup on the saucer.

“Easter says you can put truth in a grave,
but it won’t stay there.”
Clarence W. Hall

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6 thoughts on “stir at all time for easter; lemon & bay posset with marinade strawberries

  1. Too curious how this tastes. I only use bay leaf when I cook stews and soups but not on something with spirit. 😉

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