b stands for baked beans

“Labels are for cans, not people.”
Anthony Rapp

Day 2-  and we have come to “B” and for me that means only one thing: Baked Beans and it has to be Heinz. 

Baked beans – never eaten or seen the product before I came to UK/Ireland where it’s served with all hot breakfast’s – everywhere, also called Full English or Full Irish, depending on where you’re *smile

They where first sold at the very prestigious Fortnum & Mason department store in London, 1901 – even if they where manufactured in US. In 2008 they where renamed to “Heinz Baked Beanz” Today the product is made in UK.

Every day over one million cans of Heinz Beanz are consumed in the UK. That is approximately 485 million cans per year and 2.3 milion people eat Heinz Beanz every day. This is enough to fill Wembley Stadium over 25 times!

I eat them once a week, with boiled potatoes, grilled smoked bacon and a poached egg – if I have some mushrooms I saute them. This evening is beanz time again. Can’t get the small snap pots over here in Sweden, so I have to fill up the ladder every time I’m over visiting or somebody from over there visit me over here.

Staying at hotels in UK and Ireland – the highlight of the day is the full breakfast – we sold thousands and more thousands per day around the fleet. I would say that the only thing that is good for you-  with a breakfast like that – is the beans. And if you eat it everyday a heart attach will eventual come around the corner.

Plus we have Mr Bean – that I can’t stand – but so extreme popular, specially in UK – just this silly character that is suppose to be funny. Maybe I’m humorless !!!!!!

 Photo’s provided by; coloribus.com/dailymail.co.uk/inquistr.com

12 thoughts on “b stands for baked beans

  1. Love baked beans, but don’t believe I’ve ever had them for breakfast. Here they are a summer potluck or picnic food served hot or cold. In Guatemala they served black beans everymorning for breakfast and I loved those. Mr. Bean I can only take in small doses. I have never been a fan of embarrassment, mine or anyone else’s and he often makes me cringe.

    • Same with me … Mr Bean makes me cringe – very good way to explain it all. Terrible. Baked beans is standard for warm breakfast in UK & Ireland. Love it when every I get it. *smile. This evening it will feast again. Baked beanz again. Thank you for stopping by and taking your time.

  2. My kidslove Mr. Bean–I like to watch them watch it, and there are a few skits that amuse me. Still trying to figure out if I would enjoy the beans with breakfast. We have them mostly with hot dogs here. Oh, and my son loves them with ham. I didn’t like them as a kid, but now I do!

    • The beans are good to get your system going in the morning *smile – you have to visit UK or Ireland – promise you will love it – both the countries and the breakfasts.

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