about bacteria’s and viruses

In the food industry we have to be careful with both – don’t know a lot about them still … and not really interested neither, but was forced. If we had any case of severe food poisoning – my head would roll and by English law even to go prison. So there wasn’t much of an option.

Hazard analysis and critical control points, or HACCP – a constant control of food handling – from deliveries and to the food leaving the kitchen on a plate. Some courses our staff and managers had to go through. 

80% of all food poisoning cases happen in our home, because in general we don’t have a clue about food handling. I will say 90% of us don’t know how to store products in our fridge. Cross contamination is the biggest reason to food poisoning, both at home and on restaurants.

Bacteria’s like the warm environment and viruses the cold. That’s why we get the flu in the winter and the colds druing the whole year around, if we’re lucky. That is why ice machine and ice buckets at restaurants, bars and pubs are so dangerous – if not cleaned and looked after … there will be some viruses in your drinks.

We go aboard and we buy mineral water on bottles, because we don’t trust the tab water … but we take loads of ice in our mineral water and drinks??????!!!! It comes from tab water!!!!! And in between is it could be produced in dirty and infected ice machines.

Bacteria in food – they die only if you cook your food to +75C/+175F and should never serve food that is under +65C/+149F. Never serve a medium done burger. Mince meat are really dangerous to eat not properly cooked – have to do how clean or dirty the meat grinder has been.  E. coli bacteria is often to be found in minced meat – if we cook the meat properly it’s okay and no harm, but it can be deadly. 7 were killed in Scotland 1996, because the dish that contained the minced meat wasn’t reheated or cooked properly.

To marinade all kind of meats and seafood/fish is also a hazard. Never marinade more then 24 hours, because the juices from the raw products will mix with marinade and bacteria’s that will multiply by the minute into thousands. One of the reasons for this – is that mostly we use our hands to get the products into the marinade.

Then we come to … pasta and rice – never save leftovers – because bacteria’s love them both. Never reheat cold rice!!!! Just dump. I have seen chef’s store pre-cooked pasta in cold water for days – a ticking bomb. Rice will becomes evil if it has fluctuated in temperature. If you want to use rice in a salad – boil it on the day of usage and don’t save any leftovers. There is a life span on cooked pasta and rice, 24 hours chilled.

Then the biggest evil in our kitchen, the raw chicken – always make sure that you use a special board while handling raw fowl products. Sweden is the only country in the world that has salmonella free chicken, very strict controls. Also to think about is that it takes 8 hours for salmonella bacterial to die if still on the board or a utensils. When washing board and utensils – never wash either together with something else. Also make sure you never eat chicken that’s slightly pink, specially by the bones. A chicken can be cooked if the bones are a bit red. It’s the meat  – to keep an eye on.

How to store products in your fridge – all raw products like meat, chicken, fish and seafood should be stored on the base of the fridge and LIDS ON!!! – so nothing can drip or fall on to other products. Make sure that fish and meat is in storage containers, separate – if must – sharing shelve.

My existence just now has both bacteria’s and a virus.
I have constant urine infections – which my radio therapy has cause me. Have to live with them.
And my PC has a virus. Don’t know what is worst.

“An inefficient virus kills its host.
A clever virus stays with it.”
James Lovelock

Photo’s provided by; 1foodlovers.blogspot.com/justglassite.com/menshealth.com/


6 thoughts on “about bacteria’s and viruses

  1. Yes, information that we can easy transfer to safe food handling our own kitchen. Food poison I had a couple of times, and salmonella twice – one coursed by a restaurant (ended up on hospital for 10 days) and the last one, I was what they call a healthy carrier – no symptom but carried the bacteria’s – wasn’t allowed to touch food for 3 months or use public toilets. We got it aboard from Danish chicken – and because we only have one butcher area – we cleaned it with high power, but some bacteria’s where still in on the board – we ended up with the bacteria in absolute everything – 35.000 passengers came down with it – 1976 in Sweden.

  2. Yes… all good reminders. I can be sloppy even after having taken my food handlers permit. I just had food poisoning in Berlin a few months ago after what had been the best tasting meal in a long time. You just never know.

  3. Yes, that is the problem .. somebody isn’t careful with their hand wash, knifes and boards. Hope it don’t put you off – what ever you had for your meal.

  4. Very useful information, Viveka. I remember last year in early summer there was this vegetable scare here in Europe and everyone became scared of eating first the cucumbers, then the tomatoes, etc. Everything was just suspect. That was really scary because it boiled down to the fact that nothing was safe to eat anymore. The salad that was considered healthy suddenly became deadly.

    • Yes, I was in Berlin at that time .. and my friend she said she wasn’t going to eat any fresh vegetables in Berlin – only lasted one day. When it’s about vegetables they are so sprayed with chemicals – so they stay looking fresh longer and the poor tomatoes are picked nearly green. They are washed after picking – but still – really scary, because we customer are the ones with the demand. We had to soak everything with chlorine tablets for 20 min, every vegetable we bought in.

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