about what do i miss ?????

“If you want to eat well in England, eat three breakfasts.”
W. Somerset Maugham

about UK and Ireland.

After nearly 20 years over there – there is quite a few things I miss … of course I miss all the wonderful people that I met and worked with, some has become very good friends to me … but they ALL made my time over there very, very special. So without providing you with a list of names …. I will be more materialized *smile

1. Daffodils
The first thing that welcomed me to Ireland & UK – when I had landed in Dublin, April-91 – long the road from the airport to the city centre was there thousands of blooming daffodils along the road on both sides. Will never forget that sight. They grow wild all over the isles – also the national flower of Wales.
Also the only thing I planted during all my years over there – in my front bit of my house at St. Mary’s Sq. in Brighton. Planted 80 bulbs and when I left 6 years later there was hundreds of them. Also I call my perfect egg for a “daffodil egg” a little bit darker in the middle (a 9 min egg)

2. Newborn lambs
Is there anything more adorable ?????!!! For me newborn lambs on the fields are Spring even if they seams to arrive already in end of February – up in Scotland. They are so full of life and zeal – they bounces …. and jumps. So innocent and soft. Then I like them on a plate too – but they are not really new born when they end up there – that’s my excuse.

3. Heinz Baked Beans

Never eaten a baked bean before I came to UK/Ireland and now I can’t be without them. We have them over here in Sweden, but only in larger tins .. so every time I’m over I fill up with Heinz snap pots – they are much lighter. Eat baked beans at least once a week and that’s for dinner; grilled bacon, boiled potatoes .. poached egg and some soft fried mushrooms – LOVE IT!

4. Bluebells

Bluebells we don’t have in Sweden. Sorry, yes – we have, but they are totally different model and they bloom in the summer. Never seen a blue bell until I came to Scotland – and I saw this the ground full of them – like a carpet. Beautiful sight – it was like having a summer sky on the ground. Also the only thing I remember from the movie “Howard’s End” – the summer house and the forest’s ground surrounding the house was sky blue. Amazing. If I’m not wrong the actors was Antony Hopkins and Emma Thompson.

5. Haggis
“Haggis tatties and nips”, wonderful! I don’t want to know what’s in the Haggis, but I nearly ate haggis for every breakfast I had onboard. First time I had it, was when I visit a colleague of mine in Scotland and his wife had made us Haggis for dinner. Couldn’t stop eating!!

6. London
I don’t know anyone that don’t like London – fantastic city – with all their shows, beautiful buildings, good restaurants, sights and shops. Prefer London in January, when there is fewer tourists around – and the city is on sale. Just everything on sale; hotels, restaurants, shows and all the shops. The weather is not the best – who cares – London suits me in all weather.

7. Royal Mail
Everybody over in UK complains about Royal Mail – the best service in the world when it’s about mail and parcels. The service they are providing is outstanding.
They should live in Sweden, today I got my mail 15.15. Plus the prices we pay.
A letter inside Sweden cost – 8.00SEK/£0.675/€0.90/$1.18 ? ????!!! In UK they deliver the parcels at the door, even in the cities – if you’re not at home .. you just phone and they will deliver when it suits you. WoW!!!!! Not all is wrong with “Posten” – Swedish Mail, that is Danish. We get our letters the following day and we now collect our parcels at supermarkets and filling stations, that means we can collect up to 22.00 and 7 days per week. Still UK has the best mail service in the world.

8. M&S Food Hall
Fantastic – the quality of food and choices outstanding. All the fresh meals – to cook yourself – a dinner for 2 with a bottle wine included, £10.00/$15.70/€12.00 (main, vegetables and desserts) … food fresh single portion – for “lonely diners” like me. Don’t come cheap, but you get what you’re paying for – quality.
Even if my favourite grocery shop in UK are “Waitrose” – but there isn’t many around the country. Specially not in the North.

9. LloydsTSB bank
If American Express had been British it would been on top on this list, but I can’t really get away with that. Even if they have their European HQ in Brighton. So I have to give the credit to LloydsTSB – my bank. The best service from a bank you can get.
They made two mistakes with my accounts – both times I got £50.00/€60.00/$78.00 as compensation. Still have my 2 accounts with them and their service is extraordinarily, when now with me being in Sweden. Top Class!!

10. Primark (UK) & Penneys (Ireland)

The shop where you can get: 3 pair shoes, 1 trouser, 1 blouse, 1 shorts, 1 handbag and 1 skirt for a total of £60.00/$123.00/€73.00 – what a shop, don’t understand how they do it = underpaid labor somewhere in the world ????!!!! Or it’s all about the massive amounts they buy – 232 stores – most in UK, but are an Irish company. 12 new shops all over Europe will open during 2012-13. There has a lot of write ups about – their trading with suppliers, but I think they have changed suppliers and policy.

There is also thing I really hate about UK/Ireland too – but that we take in an other post. There is more liking then hating.

“We have always found the Irish a bit odd.
They refuse to be English.”
– Winston Churchill

Photo’s provided by and thanks to; conduit.com/rampantscotland.com/ mindfuljourney.ca/yello80s.com/djibnet.com/gourmetbritian.com/ 123rf.com/guardian.co.uk/yelp.co.uk/thisislondon.co.uk/c-l-b.blogspot.com/bbc.co.uk

6 thoughts on “about what do i miss ?????

  1. Heinz beanz. Still got some in my cupboard, maybe I’ll have breakfast for dinner to try it. Haggis- seems like I have had that before. My dad loved stuff like that. Hopefully we will get to visit over the pond one of these days and I will get to see these things myself. Until then, you provide insight. Thanks.

  2. You should use your beans – you always get with a full English breakfast – so some bacon, soft fried mushrooms, sausage, black pudding, hash rounds – fried egg plus warm beans. A breakfast for a real man. Think if you eat too often a heart attack will be the end results. Of course you should go … a cross the pond – so much beauty to see over there. Your camera will go red hot.

  3. I really enjoyed your post. I was very surprised about the mail…it does sound like a very good system in England. The price of mailing a letter in our country keeps going up but $1.18 where you live is very expensive.

  4. Thanks … Karen, yes – in Sweden service are very expensive. I would say 95% of the Brits complain about Royal Mail, but they don’t know how good they really are, compare to the rest of the world. Wish you a nice Daddy’s day.

    • The wee lambs are so adorable and that is for me the first sign of spring. Who doesn’t love Heinz Beanz ????? You mad me “homesick” now. *smile

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