da vinci, angels and demons

“Only angels and demons can raise the dead”

“Description of robot assisted surgery in Lund
The department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Skane University Hospital in Lund is a tertiary referral centre for advanced gyne-oncological and benign gynaecological procedures covering the 1.7 million population of southern Sweden.

Robotic surgery was introduced for gynecological oncology in 2005 as one of the first centers in Europe. Since then a steadily increased volume of robot assisted surgery for gynaecological cancers as well as for various benign gynaecological disorders have been performed. At present an annual number of >400 women are treated with this technique at the department. Over the years, the Lund robotic team has been involved in training in robotic surgery of more than 70 teams from all over the world.” text: Practicum Robotic School

Da Vinci; The robot that removed my tumor, bigger then a golf ball … 4,5 hour operation and not a scare on me. An operation that cost about £35.000. Over here in Sweden it cost us £7.50/$11.80/€9.00 per night at hospital with everything included.

Dr. Jan Persson

Dr. Thomas Bossmar

The Angels; … all the doctor’s and hospital staff that operated and treated me .. that dragged me through the treatments … that gave me the treatments – the angels that still are there for me 24/7 if I’m worried or get problems – the angels that now working with me on my “aftermath” treatment problems.

Jan and Thomas where the 2 senior doctor’s that removed the tumor (plus everything else not needed) – both world renown for their work in Obstetrics and Gynecology surgery and very successful with the Da Vinci method. How luck was I in all this ????. *smile

Had my operation 3.08.10 and 6.10.10 had I done all my treatments .. 34 days of radio therapy – 5 areas per day and 5 chemo (should have been 6, but missed one because of my body values where not great in the end) – every Monday during the same period. So I got both on the same time. Tough and rough on my soul and body. They don’t hang around on Lund’s Unv. Hospital.

The Demons; … the fear that the cancer will come back, the problems that I got after operation, chemo and radio therapy; swollen feet’s/leg, numb feet’s and incontinence – 60% of all women that has got radio therapy for gynecological cancer will get incontinence problems. Of course I had to become one of those and massive problem for me.

We all have our angels and demons .. and we have to learn how to dance with them. Some of mine dances better then the others .. but at least me and mine are trying to get the same rhythm – not an Argentine Tango yet.

photo provided by; mno.hu / iris.as/choosehope.com

5 thoughts on “da vinci, angels and demons

    • Yes, it saved my life.. for sure – never heard about it before my opeeration and a couple of months ago they did an Transatlantic operation with the patient in Paris and doctors in New York. Amazing!!!!! Free for ugly massive scars too. Stayed on hospital for 4 days.

    • So true … and I’m so thankful, but there is days I wish I had my old life back (even with the tumor) – because the aftermaths are really getting at me at times.

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    Because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness this month – and I wish the Awareness was for all cancers – every 10 min in Sweden somebody is told that they have cancer.
    So let us all help to fight this …

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