waiting girls …. strollers … and final calls

“Just got back from a pleasure trip;
I took my mother-in-law to the airport”
Henry Youngman

Love airports – after check-in and the security carry on – the other day one of my “following” bloggers wrote a post from an airport – she wrote that being at an airport gives her the feeling of freedom, same with me. Doesn’t matter if I’m flying to Stockholm or to Melbourne – it’s the same fizzy feeling that I’m going to somewhere/something – great expiration’s again- excitement.   Even if I been there maybe 20 times.

Have something to eat … look in the shops … watching people … buy magazines and a book (that never will be read). Have to have mineral water of course and never miss out on chocolate. Maybe go on the net – love to have plenty time on an airport. Don’t know how many hours in total I have spend on airports around the world – and that’s okay – getting to the destination airport is a total different matter for me; want the passport control to be just around the corner and my bags on the conveyer straight away.

There is 2 airports that it’s really switch on in that respect – for arrival – that’s Dublin and Copenhagen, less then 20 min from getting off the plane – I’m outside. Very efficient!!!

Hate flying out from Dublin– because my gate is always in Terminal D – and I have to walk home.

The worst Airports – Vienna, Berlin Tegel & Charles de Gaulle – in my book, all for different reasons.

the waiting girls

Copenhagen (CPH) is my favourite airport, also called Kastrup Airport – loads of choices of shops and eating places – they have hand luggage trolleys (love them – why can’t all airports have them???) can be taken all the way to the gate – passport control friendly and efficient. And it’s only 50 min away from me – take direct train in Sweden and the train stop under the airport – just the conveyer up and in the check in area. Not a cheap airport – TAX FREE are a bit pricey, never buy anything anyhow. Also if travelling with kids in strollers – you check in yours at once and the airport supply you with their own.

Kastrup also have check-in-machine with all airlines on the same machine !!!!! Plus they are every where – not only at the check-in area and also one at the Hilton Hotel across the road from the airport. Brilliantly smart. Only SAS that has their own – SAS are the national airline in Denmark, Sweden & Norway, so of course they need to have their status at the airport. Also with the amount of people flying with SAS from Kastrup it will be very messy if other airlines shared the same machines. Plus of course Free WiFi all over the airport. Food wise like all other airports – the have a captured audients – so price wise they can ask for what they want. “Kastrup” has an restaurant called EyeCon – very good food and you get it quickly. Eat there every time! They do 3 courses on one platter – you can choose from different combinations. Very smart set up. Then they have (of course) – Starbucks .. not my cup of coffee. Caviar House – Seafood Bar, O’Leary , Irish pub with fantastic hamburgers – Hereford Beefstouw, serves excellent meats and great wines – Airport Deli (cafeteria) plus juice bars, cafés and YamYamToGo – new Asian concept, seams very popular. Very proud of my gateway to the world – even if it’s Danish – and I think there is a lot of people that don’t agree with me now when I claim that – Kastrup is probably the best airport in the world, but for me it’s. For me it’s the service – the efficacy – choices – the friendliness, and it’s not the design that is talking to me. CPH – is a very modern designed airport with great interior details – as you would expect in Denmark, the country of great designs. 

Would you please proceed to your gate immediately!!!

Photos provided by and thanks to; chp.dk /vad1.com/ polpop.blogg.se /ravensbank.com / useroriented.wordpress.com / stuckattheairport.com / tripadvisor.se /e-architect.co.uk

4 thoughts on “waiting girls …. strollers … and final calls

  1. Yes, thank you for the recommendations! This airport looks very comfortable. Especially because I usually am very strict about being at the airport 2 hours before my flight leaves, comfort is a quality I look for in an airport. As for the worse airports, I think France’s CDG airport has improved a bit. But the worst airport in Europe, in my opinion, is FCO or Fuicmincio Roma Airport…mamma mia!

    • Haven’t been … in Rome for nearly 30 years. CDG is the same .. after security there is nothing at all … terrible. At least not if you’re flying inside Europe. You will love Kastrup. Friendly and efficient – loads of choices.

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