my evening with marilyn

Late last evening  I crawled up in my nice bed with a big bowl of vanilla ice cream and a DVD – didn’t know what to expect from the movie …. but I got one of the nicest evening’s for a very long time – “My Week With Marilyn”.
What a wonderful movie – no violence – just a really good story, based on real life and done in a very believable way.

Fantastic film – the two main actors, Michelle Williams and Eddie Redmayne – what a performance. Kenneth Branagh’s performance as Sir Laurence Olivier is outstanding.
This massive Hollywood star – so terrible scared and lonely in her stardom – the love story between her and a young assistant at Pinewood Studio’s in London – during the making of the film that became “The Prince and The Showgirl” A love story about innocence, needs, loneliness, inadequacy, honesty, understanding, decency and admiration on both Marilyn’s and Colin’s behalf .

I’m absolutely taken … it’s a really lovely film – one of the movies that makes you feel good inside.
If you haven’t seen it – do so and it’s not a “chick flick”!!! We should all be a little bit like young Colin – see things and people for what they are – and just be ourselves even if it’s not always is comfortable. As it’s today – where we have turned violence into entertainment – it’s so wonderful to watch a film that is JUST nice.

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6 thoughts on “my evening with marilyn

    • Read on an other blogs review that it’s movie that we enjoy, but will be forgotten so soon we leave the cinema – maybe for him, but not for me – like when I feel good inside after have watch a film.

  1. Viveka, I love that movie too! I miss it on theater, I must go red box or netflix, whatever, i must see it after finals. Dang! I finally found your review, and yes! you are indeed taken huh? All good comments thats why ; )

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