about my “gems”

“Gems takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.”
Sonja Henie

 My world if full of “gems” – some hidden, some very easy to find.
So I think I have to do a list – with my favorite gems and I have a feeling that it’s going to be long – need to keep an eye on how I’m doing – because I want to share them – and I want you to find them too. Some of them you maybe already found – then I’m looking forward to share your experience.

For me “gems” are something very special – that I really feel good about – something I have returned to, returning to or want to return to – and still want more off. Some are sparkling diamonds – some of them still uncut.

1. Biarritz, France (posted; 03.03.12)
2. Kinsale, Rep. of Ireland (posted; 03.02.12)
3. Belfast, Northern Ireland
4. Patterson’s – restaurant, London (posted; 31.01.12)
5. Bruges, Belgium
6. Waterfront Hotel & Bistro, Portpatrick – Scotland (posted; 10.02.12)
7. The Landmark, London – Hotel (posted; 24.02.12)
8. Afternoon Tea -The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong (posted; 28.02.12)
9. Brighton & Hove, UK (posted; 20.03.12)
10. Nagasaki, Japan (posted; 04.02.12)
11. Bath, UK (posted; 07.03.12)
12. Les Quinz Nits – restaurant, Barcelona (posted; 31.01.12)
13. “SPUR Gastro Pub – restaurant, Seattle (posted 10.08.12)
14. Le Clef des Champs – restaurant, Brussels (posted; 29.01.12)
15. Meliá Berlín – Hotel, Berlin (posted; 23.05.12)

 My Gem list will change as I go along – and it’s going to be long!!!

Photos provided by;   loa-now.com /  alaglobal.com

6 thoughts on “about my “gems”

    • Totally agree – lived in Dover for a year and I always took the Hoverspeed over to Ostende and then the train (15 min journey) Must have been there about 15 times in total – for in Dover I couldn’t be on my days off. *smile – Bruges are a very special place.

  1. Brugges left a lasting impression from my first visit there in 1997 and it is still my favorite Belgian city. When I hear the song, “Moonriver”, memories of that first trip there come rushing back as we (I was still dating my now husband then) were in one of the shops where I was buying nougats and chocolates when that song was played on the radio. We were both sad because I was to return to the Philippines the following day after a 2-week visit to Europe. 😉

    • What a lovely story – chocolates are good in Belgium and the mussels. Never heard anyone having any bad experience from Bruges, but sure there is somebody out there. It’s like a fairy tale. Been working on my post about Bath, UK today – very similar city. Also a stunning beauty.

      • My husband always insists on having mussels when we are in Belgium. And of course, he delights in the incredible choices of beer. I haven’t been to Bath yet but has heard so many nice stories and seen amazing pictures of the place. I’m looking forward to your post.

  2. Yes, beer … big thing in Belgium – not a beer drinker, but I enjoyed one “Leffe” very much – just in Bruges. If I drink beer it has to be a bit sweet – quite like the Chinese Tsingtao Beer. The post will come soon, need a bit of add on’s. Thanks for your support.

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