about laundry

“Behind every successful woman…
is a basket of dirty laundry”
Sally Forth

Love laundry – hate ironing.

In Sweden when living in apartments– to 90% is there a public laundry rooms in the basement – a very Swedish thing – you get a key with your apartment number on and there is a board that you put your lock for the time you want to do laundry. Very smart system, now a lot of house has electronic locks and booking boards. My house hasn’t gone that modern and I hope it wont – because you can’t use the laundry rooms if somebody hasn’t turned up for their booking. We have 4 hours x 2 times per months – the rooms can be used 7 days per week and 3×4 hours per day, between 0800-2000.

The laundry rooms are well equipped with heavy duty washing machines ( at least 2 per room) + one for carpets , dry cabinets, centrifuge, tumble dryer, mangle, iron board and some house can also have drying rooms. Fantastic set up and all electricity and water is including in the rent.
New modern house every apartment is equipped with washing machine and tumble dryer, but then you have to pay for all usage of electricity – water always includes in the rent. A lot of tenants have installed their own washing machine and tumble dryer in the flats on their own expense. Not me … !!! Happy with the set up as it’s.

The con with this set up is – that we are suppose to clean the all rooms and machines we have been using – 15% of us do that. Terrible and if there is any fall outs between neighbours is it about the laundry rooms.

So what do I need for my laundry – first of all  shopping bags to split up everything into  the different colors and degrees

Arial or Via and Comfort   – for the wash

Klorin (bleach) and Vanish for stains and whites

Dryer ball and Bounce dryer sheets for my towels in the tumble dryer

and my plastic spray bottle for bed linen – going through the mangle

My clothes and under wears I never put in tumble dryer– hang everything up in the apartment – have a little alcove beside my bathroom – for laundry – to hang everything  … tumble dryers tear so on clothing. Always have my laundry times 1600-2000 and after I’m finished –  I phone for a Chinese “takeaway” – then I had a perfect afternoon

We, women can be such simple creatures.

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12 thoughts on “about laundry

  1. This brings back memories of my semester in Sweden. I lived in a dorm there and had the pleasure of a laundry room on every floor of the building only we had a digital, electronic booking thingy.
    I also remember that not everybody cleans behind them as good as they should. Haha, some of my friends did forgot random stuff in the laundry rooms when it was their time but only found out about their loss after their booked time was over so they had to wait for the next person to show up and let them into the room. One guy left his desk chair in there and it took him a while to get it back. This always makes me chuckle 😀 Who takes a chair with them into the laundry room?! Well, he tried to study there for an exam but still 🙂

    • Wilhelmina, it can’t be that long ago ???? The electronic booking boards hasn’t been around for that long ???
      Nice to meet somebody that has memories from Sweden. You know, sometimes there is no limit to what people do … for peace. *smile Please, let me know more about your Swedish holiday. I know the cleaning is a massive problem and will always be, I guess … heard on the radio that the our “tvättstugor” is the mean reason for neighbor fall outs and some cases even end up in court.

      • No, it actually wasn’t that long ago. I was in Sweden from August 2010 till January 2011 and it was a great time, I did a term abroad at Linnéuniversitetet i Växjö. And I must say that I really miss living in Sweden and even some of the foods although I also missed some german dishes while I was away. Life in Sweden was more peaful for me and less hectic. Sometimes I even get homesick while I walk through IKEA http://wilhelminaupton.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/is-it-wrong-to-get-homesick-while-walking-through-ikea/
        I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog, it looks very nice and I’ll definitely look around some more later on.

    • It’s a very Swedish seat up that started in the 1950 when they started to build apartments more – excellent … and electricity is included too. Big strong machines. I love it – would never consider have a washing machines in the apartment even if I have the space.

      • Yeah, that seat up really looks like the smart way to do it. What I hate these days, are the dryers that make our clothes fade fast. Not only they make the fabric brittle, dang! It’s causing us electric too!

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