about laundry

“Behind every successful woman…
is a basket of dirty laundry”
Sally Forth

Love laundry – hate ironing.

In Sweden when living in apartments– to 90% is there a public laundry rooms in the basement – a very Swedish thing – you get a key with your apartment number on and there is a board that you put your lock for the time you want to do laundry. Very smart system, now a lot of house has electronic locks and booking boards. My house hasn’t gone that modern and I hope it wont – because you can’t use the laundry rooms if somebody hasn’t turned up for their booking. We have 4 hours x 2 times per months – the rooms can be used 7 days per week and 3×4 hours per day, between 0800-2000.

The laundry rooms are well equipped with heavy duty washing machines ( at least 2 per room) + one for carpets , dry cabinets, centrifuge, tumble dryer, mangle, iron board and some house can also have drying rooms. Fantastic set up and all electricity and water is including in the rent.
New modern house every apartment is equipped with washing machine and tumble dryer, but then you have to pay for all usage of electricity – water always includes in the rent. A lot of tenants have installed their own washing machine and tumble dryer in the flats on their own expense. Not me … !!! Happy with the set up as it’s.

The con with this set up is – that we are suppose to clean the all rooms and machines we have been using – 15% of us do that. Terrible and if there is any fall outs between neighbours is it about the laundry rooms.

So what do I need for my laundry – first of all  shopping bags to split up everything into  the different colors and degrees

Arial or Via and Comfort   – for the wash

Klorin (bleach) and Vanish for stains and whites

Dryer ball and Bounce dryer sheets for my towels in the tumble dryer

and my plastic spray bottle for bed linen – going through the mangle

My clothes and under wears I never put in tumble dryer– hang everything up in the apartment – have a little alcove beside my bathroom – for laundry – to hang everything  … tumble dryers tear so on clothing. Always have my laundry times 1600-2000 and after I’m finished –  I phone for a Chinese “takeaway” – then I had a perfect afternoon

We, women can be such simple creatures.

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60% gets it … 80% suffers in silence; incontinence

Have it, suffer heavily – but not silent.

60% of all women that have gone through radio therapy for Gynecologic Cancers – will come out with incontinence – and fecal incontinence. Men that had prostate cancer also get problems. And 80% of us suffers in silence – don’t talk to our doctor, family members or friends – don’t search for help and there is loads of help out there. Most help yourself.

Personal I think it’s important that people around me knows about my problem, because it tear me down – makes me feel very upset at times and they have to know why.

My tumor was where so close to my bladder that they where afraid that my bladder had been effected because my cancer where aggressive and had spread – a sister tumor was found in one of the glands. So of course when getting the radio therapy was it difficult for them – to avoid that some radiation ended up on the bladder – got 34 days of treatment and 5 different fields each day. So my doctor’s expected me to get some problems, but I wasn’t told and it hadn’t made a difference. It happen to me and – here I’m with a very weak, sore and sensitive bladder and I gets urine infections twice per month. This one of the side effect I got from my treatment – the one that bothers me most.

In Sweden you’re provided with free towel – Tena (Swedish) – we get support from hospital – where we can get operations and other help with the problems.

They look into your problem level and then they start up a help program, most help yourself with support.

1. Women are never shown how to go to the toilet right by our mums – we shall always sit like we do – when we have to use the nature  … our breast against the thighs. Because then the urethra opens up of itself and we don’t have to do anything. No pushing.

2. We shouldn’t go to the toilet more every 3 hours – we should never go to the toilet when we don’t have to. Because we are pushing and that weakens the muscles. So with leakage we have to plan a bit round the toilet visits.

3. We should always walk like we have a glass of water on our head and a pea between our buttocks.

4. When sitting we should never lean forward and when we stand up from a chair we should do it straight.

5. Also when the uterus is removed – the bladder often lean backwards because there more space and that means that – the natural breakage/lock between bladder and urethra will open up – so we leak.

6. We should do Pelvic floor muscle exercise (PFME) involves the contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles to improve bladder support and closure pressure of the urethra. Pelvic floor exercises are most successful for stress incontinence and mixed incontinence, but may be of value to those with urge incontinence. 30-40 per day. We can do these in many different positions: sitting, standing, lying down – and no one will know what we’re doing!

At first, just hold and squeeze our muscles for a second or two. Then gradually build it up to 10 seconds. Repeat as often we can, building up to 10 repetitions.

There is also – Contrelle Activegard – have samples at home, but haven’t tried yet. Also a Swedish product.

Contrelle ® Activgard is made from soft molded plastic foam. It either seen or felt. When saturated with ordinary water, it will not absorb the secretion of mucous. Toileting performed normally without continence cushion/arc needs to be extracted.
Contrelle ® Activgard use 16 hours a day. Continence cushion/arc  are available in three sizes. You should carefully test out which size fits best. – Free in Sweden (text: ww.contrelle.se/contrelle)

Plus I got help of a blue balance cushion of soft plastic filled with air. Perfect for balancing exercises and coordination training, stand, sit or lie on it! Provides a unique training of balance and ensuring the interaction of the muscles. Smooth surface on one side and other side rough, make it possible to massage the feet too. The pad also provides good back support – my stomach muscles has gone stronger and that’s the muscle that keep pelvic floor straighter. DYNAIR is the name – comes from Germany. Coast about £30.

Incontinence get worst when we are stressed – and with my mum not that well … it’s makes my problems worst.

After my operation – my bladder and brain didn’t talk to each other for about 8 weeks – so I had to keep an eye on the watch – 3 hours and it was time. It worked fine – the leakage didn’t start until 8 months after my treatment was done.

My problem has made my life as a woman shirk – and mentally it tears on me – that when I go out – walking, going to the gym or dancing Zumba .. I’m not able to everything I to the extend I want to do it, but I’m not shy about it. Also if I leave the house I have make sure I have towels and change of  knickers with me.

 Maybe – this post is not everybody’s interest and taste – but maybe I reach out to somebody with the same problem like me – that suffers in silence. What ever it’s not our fault, but we have to live with it.

“President Kennedy: Congratulations. How do you feel?
Forrest Gump: I gotta pee.”

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