… share with everybody and anyone!

It’s my music I’m talking about and it all started, Christmas 2004 – while still working in UK. All the Christmas cards that I had to write – same words on  every one of them. Had about 60 to write in those days – to suppliers, guests and collulages. Been thinking about it for a couple a months what to do it more personal, then one day I got it – share my music with them.

Feed out of  music – breath music – live music – and love music !!!!

So that was it and I start to put a CD together with music that would fall everybody in taste – a bit for all ages and tastes. Then a tittle and a layout. Had a Epson printer at that time that printed direct on to the CD – had it for 6 years and it worked hard for me. Bought a Canon last summer – with the same feature. Prefer Epson!!!

The first issue – Long Distance – went down like a treat with loads of the receivers that  really appreciated what I been doing and the following year people started to ask about the CD already in August. Some never said anything – but I didn’t really care – they got a new CD anyhow. Share my music with everybody – anyone, neither they want it or not.

2008 was my last and biggest production – then I had an extra DVD/CD-writer – 180 CD’s was produced of “Digitally”. It was also my last Christmas in UK – moved back home in April-09. 

Still do smaller productions … after my cancer treatments – everybody that had been involved in my operation and treatments got a CD. Every Christmas I do for friends and as “thank you” for small or big favors through the year.

2012 release will be called  “Pearl Dust”

Anyone .. interested out there – let me know !!!! Maybe Santa comes early.

about underwear’s

“I don’t believe in the after life,
although I am bringing a change of underwear.”
Woody Allen

Yes, what about them ??? More correctly undergarments.
It’s a bit of love and hate for me personal – do we need them ???
Have a couple of girlfriends that never wear knickers in the summer and we, the Swedish women – throw the bra out for quite many years – back on again now.
Seams to be the Japanese that came up with the first ones 7000 years ago – sure that today’s versions are much more comfortable.
Learned from TV that the French woman always match her underwear’s with the color of her dress  – loved that thought, so when I dress up I always match. The everyday wear is a total different matter. White for light coloured cloths and black for dark coloured. Nothing fancy – just a bit lace here and there, it’s more down to the comfortable aspect then.

Sure the French women match 24/7 !!! Was with a male colleague when he was buying underwear’s to his wife – we where in Paris. The shop was like a candy store. So beautiful pieces and all was displayed by colors – there wasn’t any color or shade missing.

Sexy underwear’s ???
Is that something that men make up as they go along – or is it all related to porno films??!! God, some of those pieces look so terrible uncomfortable –  and why bother wearing them – they show everything anyhow.

What a buiness it has became – with brands like “La Perla”, “Wacoal”, “Agent Provocateur”, Vannina Vesperini, Chantel Thomass, M&S and H&M


This is beautiful …  guess it’s French lingerie

Photos provided bey; gamefowlsport.tumblr.com /girlsguidetoparis.com /desktopia.net