about kids

“I love children, especially when they cry,
for then someone takes them away”
Nancy Mitford

Don’t have any children myself – but I have always had friend’s children around me, in all shapes and sizes – I like them and they like me. They see me as that nice person that comes around with loads of DVD’s to watch, that take them to the movies and McDonalds.
Never been very found of babies – even if I worked with babies for nearly a year. They don’t response – not to me anyhow. No give me kids between 3-7 and after that they can come back after their 18th birthday.
Why I don’t have children ???? Never had a desire to became a mum – I think that my own childhood have a big part in that and I have been so busy in my job, too much has been going on in my life.
To have a child is a massive responsibility and I never felt I been ready to take that on.
Children isn’t something we decorate our life with.

“The older you get, the harder your parents try to keep you little.”
– Emily, age 16

Photos provided by; urbania.ca / beachmarkpool.com

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