about the night

“Night, a more perfect day”
Arthur Symons

Götaälvsbron, Gothenburg

My grandmother, that I grow up with – always use to say – when the night come the lazy one wakes up. How right wasn’t she. First of all – I’m lazy and second I always seams to be more busy after midnight.
Really like the night, so long as I don’t have to sleep *smile
Like the stillness, the quietness and no interfering from anything – there with my own thoughts.
Like to take walks during the night, more aware today then I was maybe 10 years ago. When I was young and wild – been out nightclubbing .. I always walked home, living in Gothenburg then.
Walked this bridge thousands times, maybe not in the winter.
I think much better during the night time ??????!!!
Sleeping isn’t an easy matter for me of many reasons, but more about that an other time.

Photo provided by; Rudi Pauwels – flickriver.com

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