versatile blogger ???!!! someone think so!

First a big thank you to … Maralee, Tuxedo Sophisticated Cat, for nominate me. So exciting and will try my best to link up my nominees.

To be nominated to an award is something completely new to me and especially when it’s about blogging. Have only at for about 4 weeks and I really enjoy it. Have always written a lot – as a kid I was very lonely and I wrote letters all the time to people I didn’t really new. Wrote about my dreams, my hope, my sadness and my joys – but they were never posted. Just written and thrown in the bin, but I felt much better after that I had put my feeling on paper.

In receiving this award, I have been asked to: same goes for you!
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So what is random about me???
1. I’m impatient
2. I lived abroad in total 23 years
3. I have a very Swedish heart
4. I’m generous with myself and what I own
5. I have visit over 250 places – 44 countries
6. I don’t like to cook for myself
7. I,m careless with money

My nominees are; no picking order here. 

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Good luck to us all!

“I’ll take any award. I don’t care what it says on it.”
Mary-Louise Parker

about the night

“Night, a more perfect day”
Arthur Symons

Götaälvsbron, Gothenburg

My grandmother, that I grow up with – always use to say – when the night come the lazy one wakes up. How right wasn’t she. First of all – I’m lazy and second I always seams to be more busy after midnight.
Really like the night, so long as I don’t have to sleep *smile
Like the stillness, the quietness and no interfering from anything – there with my own thoughts.
Like to take walks during the night, more aware today then I was maybe 10 years ago. When I was young and wild – been out nightclubbing .. I always walked home, living in Gothenburg then.
Walked this bridge thousands times, maybe not in the winter.
I think much better during the night time ??????!!!
Sleeping isn’t an easy matter for me of many reasons, but more about that an other time.

Photo provided by; Rudi Pauwels –

22 July 2005 … mistaken identity … winter graden and taittinger

#7 – on my gems list The Landmark, London 

also day that brought the death of Jean Charles de Menezes – shot to death by mistaken identity by the police – in London Underground. Was waiting for my bag at the conveyor at Luton Airport outside London, when my boss phoned me .. told me to be careful because there had been a shooting in the Underground – he didn’t have any details, about who or why.

2 hours later a girlfriend an I signed in at The Landmark Hotel in London. A gift from my American travel insurance, IAPA (International Airline Passengers Association) – don’t know why – the voucher just came on the post. Very nice of them.

The best hotel experience I ever had – it even beats the Peninsula. Everything was just so exquisite – from the check in to the check out.

The Landmark Hotel
222 Marylebone Rd
London NW1 6JQ, UK
Phone; +44 (20) 7631 8000
5-stars; 249 rooms – 51 suites
Prices: £300 – £2.400 4/ $475 – $3.795 / €360 – €2.800

It was a bit carry on – on my part when booking – because it was an Executive room I had been given .. we had our own (call her) hostess – we changed our mind a couple of times and nothing was a problem – she where so helpful and tried all she could to help us get dates adding up with flights – my friend came from Sweden and I was living in Belfast. Outstanding service. Sent her a bouquet of flowers as “thank you”.
Never heard about the hotel before and when visitng their website they had this interactive map – where London taxi’s and buses where driving on a drawn map. Very cool – don’t anymore.
The room at that time would have cost us £280 without breakfast … there we was with 3 nights with breakfast include.

The room – had it’s own door bell – no knocking there. The rooms was so lush … and the colours so soft. We got a room with view over the Winter Garden – their atrium and restaurant. The curtains – never felt anything like in my life and the style of them !!!!! – wish I had taken a photo.

We didn’t only have a bath room , we had a separate shower room and the toilet – all had separate entrances, so no interfering there. Our check-in clerk went with us up on the room and explained everything .. about TV, DVD player, internet, safe – mini bar (free).

Breakfast – served either in the room or in The Winter Garden – cooked to perfection and freshly squeezed juice, what ever flavour we wanted in crystal glasses. No breakfast buffet – served on warm big plates and if we wanted more – they came with an other plate.

Because everything was free – except the tipping and tipping there was – we decided to go for their Sunday Brunch. £55.00 per head and so much champagne as we could handle – and my favourite: Taittinger. We where singing like canary birds as we left the restaurant 2,5 hours later.

Food for Gods. To make a buffet so SCRUMPTIOUS plus it was massive, 5 tables in total – and to keep those entire hot dish looking fresh and warm a miracle. Everything from veal kidney, bacon, pan cakes, Belgium waffles … Caesar salad – Asian noodle dishes .. the most beautiful desserts.

We went to bed around 3 a’ clock pickled as gherkins and woke up just before midnight – room service and 2 hamburger with fries and coleslaw. Heavenly good.

Our last breakfast we decided to take in the room – so I filled in the card .. add on my special requests with 50/50 juice, sliced cheese, warm milk with the coffee,  lemon muffins and fresh fruit salad with blackberries – just to test them. A ring on the door on the minute and in come this massive table and there they where – on top of  my fruit salad was my blackberries plus everything else. Top Class!!!!

My friend and I we talked about saving a bit every months … so go back after 2 years, but it never happen. We often talk about the hotel. We where told by the taxi driver that took us to the airport that – the rooms cost £1 million pounds each when the hotel was built. I suppose it was divided the total cost for the hotel with the amount of rooms. Still – a lot of money for a hotel room.

That weekend was the ultimate hotel experience. I doubt if it can’t get any better then that.

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