about 04.26 – 23.02.2012

“Being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”
Princess Diana

The proud father describing  how big the baby is for the press  – Prince Daniel.

Sweden has got a new little Crown Princess – no name given so fare !!! Lovely, so glad it is a girl. So happy for you both, Victoria and Daniel.

Mother: Crown Princess Victoria – Father: Prince Daniel, married since June 19, 2010.  A fairy-tale wedding in a very relaxed atmosphere – nothing of royal stiffness. Daniel are an ordinary guy of the people – not even from a wealthy family.

Victoria, is our most beloved princess – and she had to wait 8 years for her prince and now they are a little family – this I like.  Really like our Royal family – or most parts of it.

So today will I buy “Prinsess bakelser” to mum and me – my favorite cake – and it has loads of calories. Abroad – get them on IKEA!

Congratulations Sweden !!!

Photos provided by: sverigesradio.se / svenskdam.se / blogg.svt.se / barbrosminibitar com / pixgallery.com

4 thoughts on “about 04.26 – 23.02.2012

  1. Congratulations on the birth of your new princess! I’m such a big royalty fan so this is a much welcomed good news, Viveka.

    • Yes, it’s good news. Can’t say I like every member of the royal family, but I don’t mind Sweden having one. Very found of Victoria and Daniel. Such lovely couple – he wasn’t accepted in the beginning. She left hospital after only 9 hours. Good on her, just like any Swedish new mother.

      • I think Daniel and Victoria represents the modern Sweden. I’ve heard about the gossips of her father’s dalliances with hookers. Viktoria is lifting the family’s profile by being simple and accessible to the people.

      • Personal, I really like our King – very handsome and he has the twinkle in his eyes. Don’t think they got anywhere with the allegations about him and “the light ladies”. One of them claimed she had an affair with him, but nothing is really proven. Victoria & Daniel, are the modern Sweden and she will be an excellent Queen. The baby is what the family needed – the press need something else to write about.

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