about hotels

“Do Not Disturb” signs should be written in
 the language of the hotel maids”
Tim Bedore

There is something naught about a hotel room – the expectation and the crisp bed linen and soft towels. During my years in UK I have stayed at many hotel – one year I counted and I stayed 220 nights in total. My expectations weren’t great every night. Had my favourite hotels that I returned to time after time.

The best hotel I ever stayed in – The Landmark Hotel, London – UK

The worst hotel – Royal Court Hotel, Coventry – UK

What I hate about hotels – when the room maids start knocking on the door or even open the door, when “do not disturb” is out.
What I love about hotels – that everything is taken care off.

6 thoughts on “about hotels

  1. I never realized this was such a lovely hotel. My daughter went a couple times to Sylvia Young Theatre camp near Marylebone. I would always see this place and wondered. Now I know…. except we have friends we stay with and it’s always hard to justify spending BPS on hotels. maybe one day. wt

    PS – Hey- where’s the prawn cake? That is going to be made at chez wendy in the near future!

  2. Prawn cake ????? I posted by mistake that wasn’t ready for reading- but it was a salmon cake – is that what you’re after.
    Yes, you have really missed something – you should just gone in for a drink. There will be a full post about the hotel this weekend.

    • Thank .. you! There is a following up about both hotels stays – avocado green … blue roses … and didn’t want to be there & 22 July 2005 … mistaken identity … winter graden and taittinger.

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