about being sick

“We have to be healthy – to be sick”
Viveka Gustavson (me)

Me, that hardly took one pain killer per year – suddenly find myself with cancer. Don’t think the tumour and the cancer in itself really scared me then -when I got the news. Cancer is something that only happens to others and still every Swedish 10 minutes somebody is diagnosed with cancer. Terrible and scary!!
Today it’s a totally different matter – scared to death that my cancer will come back. Now when I know what the treatments are all about. Cancer comes in a rough and tough package.
So to really be able to do make appointments, doctor’s calls, check ups, treatment, medicines and waiting for answers – doesn’t matter what illness we have – we have to be fit and healthy. It really takes its tow on us.

Photos provided; careandcost.com / msnd.newmayodesigns.com

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6 thoughts on “about being sick

  1. Viveka – I pray that the cancer never comes back. Just the word “cancer” is scary. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago (she’s fine now) and my dad died from bone cancer. I guess we have to live life to the fullest while we’re here.

  2. So do I *smile …. so fare so good. 2/3 survive cervical cancer and hopefully I’m one of those 2. Going to have my 5th check up next month – have got some effects (aftermaths) from the treatment .. and really make my days and nights rough – but I’m alive. Not always thankful – want my old life back !!! So happy I was back in Sweden when I was diagnosed – we have the highest survival rate on cancer in the world. Sad to hear about your dad. Every 5th person will become cancer patient. SCARY – we should embrace our life’s, our-self and our loved ones.

  3. Living each day ready for what it brings… My friend passed this on to me and when I start cycling into a negative thought pattern I try to think this instead and it gives me peace…
    I’m sorry
    I forgive you
    I love you
    I accept you

  4. Wendy, thanks a million for sharing! Wonderful !!!
    We should say those words to our self too (or maybe that’s what you meant) … and often.
    When folks ask me what I’m doing for the weekend I sometimes answer them that I’m going to spend it together with somebody I really like – myself.

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