about being sick

“We have to be healthy – to be sick”
Viveka Gustavson (me)

Me, that hardly took one pain killer per year – suddenly find myself with cancer. Don’t think the tumour and the cancer in itself really scared me then -when I got the news. Cancer is something that only happens to others and still every Swedish 10 minutes somebody is diagnosed with cancer. Terrible and scary!!
Today it’s a totally different matter – scared to death that my cancer will come back. Now when I know what the treatments are all about. Cancer comes in a rough and tough package.
So to really be able to do make appointments, doctor’s calls, check ups, treatment, medicines and waiting for answers – doesn’t matter what illness we have – we have to be fit and healthy. It really takes its tow on us.

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14 litre … for all sense; orange fish soup


Living abroad – when I came home to visit, I always stayed with a good friend of mine in Gothenburg – and every time she wanted me to make my fish soup. It started of in normal portions .. then her friends and neighbours got a taste of it. Started of with 2 litre soup and the last time I did it up in Gothenburg – it became nearly 14 litre soup.
Of all the dishes I have done privately or put on menus around the world – I must call this my signature dish and it’s one of the easiest dishes to make. A soup for all our senses. Found the recipe about 18 years ago in a Swedish fashion magazine, Damerna’s Värld. Had to teak it a bit to put Wivi-touch to it.
Before I also used some king prawns per person too – but after finding out – that  king prawns are a bad enemy to our environment I have stopped eating and using them. Not the prawn itself – the growers and how they cultured.

Orange Fish soup, 4 portions
2 onions, roughly chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 fennel bulb, sliced – remove all green leaves
1 carrot, sliced
5 medium sizes firm potatoes, in 1″ (2,5cm) cubes
0,5gr – saffron – crushed
30gr butter
500 gr crushed tomatoes (pkg or tin)
50ml concentrated fish fond or 1,5 fish bullion cub
7ml (1.5tsp) salt
500ml water
100ml white wine
pepper for seasoning
1 large orange, juice & zest
15ml (1tbsp) fresh thyme (picked) or dried.
10ml (2tsp) caster sugar
250gr cod fillet, cut in big chunks
250gr salmon, cut in big chunks
1. Melt the butter in big pot – soft fry onions, garlic, fennel, carrot, potatoes and saffron for a couple of minutes – not allowed to take any color.
2. Add tomatoes, water, wine, sugar, fond, salt and pepper. Give it a quick boil and then let simmer on low heat for about 15 min. Add orange juice – not zest. Up to here you can do the soup in advance.
3. When it’s time to serve the soup – reheat – add the fish and let it simmer for about 5 min. Put the orange zest in add scatter the thyme.
Serve with garlic bread and don’t forget a chilled Muscadet wine

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Did you know that it needs 110,000–170,000 flowers to get 1 kilo of saffron ???The world price for saffron today per kilo: £5,500/€7,500/$9 890.

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