about trains

“The only way to be sure of catching a train –
is to miss the one before it.”
G. K. Chesterton

Love travelling with train – really hate flying, but do it to get there faster – too complicated today with all the security checks and rules about what we can have in hand luggage or not have. On train we can move around without interfering with the service trolleys and we can eat with proper cutlery.
This summer I will be travelling with the Amtrak between Seattle and Vancouver. I have always wanted to that journey since I saw the movie “Narrow Magin” from 1990 with Gene Hackman and Anne Archer. The scenery was stunning – so the 11th July that’s me in First Class and I hope my journey will be a lot more relaxed – then in the movie. 4 hours the journey takes – so excited about it.

Photos provided by;  momentotravel.com.au / allstarpics.net 

2 thoughts on “about trains

  1. Vive, that was the one thing on my two trips to Vancouver that I regret was not travelling down to Seattle, either by train or by Greyhound bus. Hoping to be back in Vancouver in October for a wedding, but very much a case of wait and see. I did travel by Greyhound bus from Vancouver to Calgary, breaking the journey at Nelson in British Columbia, a beautiful town on the banks of Kootenay Lake. My one distinct memory is hearing the horns of the freight train echoing off the mountains (In Canada, as in America, they seem to like using their horns on the trains!! lol). Hard to believe, but I found the sounds of the horns quite calming! I only spent 3 days there, but that is another place I would love to go back to. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to make it back this year! Enjoy yourself when you go. 🙂

    • Barry, welcome to my blog – yes, I’m really looking forward to my trip and specially the bit on the train. Nelson is suppose to be a very beautiful town – have been the scenery for many films. Never been there, should really put it on my “bucket list”. Seattle is fantastic city – like Seattle more then I like San Francisco. Young and busy, great food and so much to see and do. So if you go over for the wedding – take your time – take the train down and Greyhound back. Please,come back and visit again.
      Will keep in touch !! Load of Wivi

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