about coffee

“Everybody should believe in something.
I believe I’ll have another coffee”

The Scandinavian countries consume most coffee in the world.
Per person – per year
1. Norway – 10.7 kgs
2. Finland – 10.7 kgs
3. Denmark – 9.7 kgs
4. Sweden – 7.8 kgs
10. France – 3.9 kgs
11. Italy – 3.2 kgs
12. USA – 2.4 kgs
16. UK – 1.2 kgs

Love my coffee, but after my cancer treatments and the problems with my bladder from that – I only drink one big mug per day in the morning. When I’m a way on holiday or visiting friends it will be one after dinner too. Have to be very careful, because it’s diuretic. During my treatments I couldn’t drink it all – tasted like metal, so cutting down wasn’t a massive problem for me. My first cappuccino I had in Belfast 1,5 months after my treatments where done.
Very, very picky with my coffee – don’t like Starbuck’s … and same with the coffee I brew myself. Gevalia is the biggest brand in Sweden, but not good enough for me. We have a local coffee company in our county, now owned my Nestle – Zoéga, founded in 1881. My favourite flavour is – Dark Temptation. We, in county Skåne, likes our coffee strong.

“Dark Temptation”
Spicy and tasty
Marvellous at it’s soft spiciness and richness of high-growing East African beans. Along with “pearl beans” from Brazil gives the coffee a distinct freshness and hints of a certain nuttiness. The dark roasting brings out the flavours and produces a coffee with plenty of flavour – even with milk!
(Text: http://www.nestle-nordic.com/zoegas/)

Photos provided by; nordefors.blogspot.com / nestle-nordic.com