54°56′S 67°37′W and VIP

Puerto Williams in Tierra del Fuego, Chile

Must say when I look at the net now it’s not at all the way I remember it, but on the other hand I was only at the airport – and I remember it as an air force base, because there was officers, flags and a military orchestra playing.

Don’t remembering it being a town. Know that Chile claimed it was the most Southern town in the world, but Argentina called it an military base and Ushuaia had the title. So some how I got my wires totally wrong or my memory is getting a bit weak.

After been left behind on the hospital up in Talcahuano – the little red ship left without me for her destination;  Antarctic. She left the following morning after I been remitted to the hospital – she blow the ship’s whistle for me and off she sailed to pick up passengers in Punta Arenas.

A week later I left the hospital – and had some catching up – first I had to take a train to Santiago and stay over night – then fly a “normal” plane to Punta Arenas – after that a six seated little plane over the Andes. Glad I had been able to watches the movie “Alive”, it was released 1993 – the little plane was all over the place.

We where 4 passengers in total and we where all very happy and relieved when landed in Puerto Williams. While going in for landing I could see “the little red ship” down below – so happy to see her.

So all safe on the ground – the show started – officers, yellow and blue flowers and  Swedish national hymn. Me that hadn’t practice my “royal wave” !!! Personal I didn’t have a clue what was going on and still don’t have.

During all the commotion “Lindblad” had anchored and a zodiac (black rubber boat) – was on it’s way to pick me up. Coming along side the vessel – everybody was out on deck.

Captain told me when passengers asked why they had stopped – he answer; we are picking up the most important person  aboard, the Christmas buffet chef. In those days Puerto Williams wasn’t a destination for cruise liners as it’s today, not even for “Lindblad” – Ushuaia was our destination and where we picked up – dropped off our passengers.

Had lost so much weight during my 14 days in total on the hospital I had to tie up my trousers with a rope – and while getting up gangway along the side of the vessel I nearly dropped them.

Think it was Captain Hasse Nilsson’s doing – all the commotion – but it worked. It was nice to be back aboard – and heading for Antarctic, the reason why I join the vessel.

“Love is so short, forgetting is so long.”
Pablo Neruda
(Chilean poet, diplomat and politician, Won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971, 1904-1973)

Photos provided by;  victory-cruises.com / traveljournal.net /  welcomechile.com /  paulfkerrigan.livejournal.com /mdhlem.net / chocolates-uk.co.uk / varbak.com / ja.db-city com / flickriver.com – Eleanor Marriott

2 thoughts on “54°56′S 67°37′W and VIP

  1. Goodness that sounds like an adventure. And you lost so much weight you had to try a rope around to keep your trousers up. That does not sound fun. Glad it all worked out in the end.

    • Yes, flying over those mountains .. was, glad I had seen the movie “Alive” – the little plan was all over the place.
      I had a lot to take from, still have … so it was fantastic that I had to tie up my trousers with a rope.
      I’m a cancer survivor, (I hope) .. but I have never been that sick as I was in those months before they found out what was wrong with me. Thank you so much for taking the time – I should really reblog my earliest posts.

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