about men

“Young men want to be faithful, and are not;
old men want to faithless, and cannot “
Oscar Wilde


Can’t live with them … can’t live without them. Very much pleasure – very little guilt.
Even if they aren’t back on my priority list yet, do I enjoy their company. Have been “the boss” for nearly 140 men (my chefs brigade), in total as most – and only one of them had a problem with having a female boss. The women I had under my wings – never a problem neither. Could never worked with women only. Really like men’s company. No “bullshit” behind the back – everything straight to face; No intrigue and backstabbing. We, women, can be so evil to each other. They fight – but when they do … they do it more honest.
Love when a man … passes me and he smells good.
Love when a man look me in eyes .. across a packed commuter train.
Love when a man makes me laugh.
Love a well dressed man – his tie tells me so much about him.
Just love men.

We should be kind to and love our men …
because they are only creature of that breed – we have.

Photo provided by: dressmann.com / weakstream.us

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