china, latin, 2% …. and gorbachev

Writing about sorbe(t) and sherbert. One of my faithful followers posted a delicious recipe of a sherbert yesterday – and I call it sorbet, through the headline at first I didn’t understand what it was. Today I find myself in a desire to find out more. Thought it had it’s roots in France, but wasn’t I wrong again.

It’s origin comes for the Latin verb “sorbere” – but also in the Italian language – sorbire – that means eat and drink on the same time. That’s what sorbert is for me; sweet, mushy and messy. Personal am I addicted to ice cream, eat it every day.
Marco Polo brought back the recipe from China in 13th century. So it’s Italian. It came to France first in the 15th century.

Have heard/read from somewhere that the Chinese’s had ice cream before Christ was born – it make more sense it was sorbert … if it’s true at all, but with the Chinese it wouldn’t surprise me!

A lot of  “better” restaurants in Europe serve a scoop of sorbet between the starter and the main course, just to reset the taste buds. Always used on big official dinners. Know that the White House severed Green Tea sorbet to Mikhail Gorbachev – have seen the menu.

Now we come to “sherbert” – the American version, but a total different product. A sherbert should contain at least 2% from milk or cream and that makes it a very close relative to the Italian ice cream.

Don’t we learn something new everyday.!!!!!!

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