what i didn’t know; danish caramelizedn new potatoes & baby green salad

1968 – 20 years old – I decided that I want to try my wings, but didn’t at that time dare to fly too high or too fare away from home. Off I went to Denmark and it was there I found my way into the kitchen, more or less by an accident and an accident I never regret. Frist I worked as a room maid at a luxury hotel in Helsingör – with and in the whole French set up; black dress and, small white apron and hairband. Did it, but it wasn’t my thing. Had to start somewhere. After 6 months I read that newly opened SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen where looking for staff, so off I went and so there in Copenhagen it all started for me. What I didn’t know as 20 years old … Copenhagen taught me. Had a fantastic year there. This potato recipe I nicked and took with me  home from Hotel Royal.

Danish Caramelized New Potatoes , 6 person
24 small new potatoes, make sure they are all in the same size
125gr caster sugar
125gr butter, melted
fresh rosemary
salt & pepper

1. Brush/scrub the potatoes very well so nearly all peel comes off. Boil the potatoes for about 15-20 min until tender in salted water, let cool down
2. Put a havey based skillet over low heat. Add the sugar and let it melt until it turns light caramel brown – be careful so it doesn’t go to dark – witch can happen very quickly.
3. Stir in the melted butter
4. Put in so many potatoes as possible, without overcrowding the pan, Stir or shake the skillet all the time until the potatoes are nicely coated. Repeat until all potatoes are done. Seasoning with salt & pepper, pick rosemary springs and scatter over just before serving.


Most of the time I buy bags of mixed baby leaves, but it has to be a mixture that contains baby spinach. The problem with those bags is that product is gassed – and so soon the bag is open the product goes limp and “life time” shorten with more then half. So I rise the leaves quickly in very cold running water (even if  pre-washed) – shake off excess water and transfer the leaves into compactly airtight container and in the fridge over night before using.

If I need lettuce for a main salad I use mainly Romaine Lettuce – same thing there. Open the lettuce head carefully from the top and let cold water run through. Let is stand on it’s head until so excess water inside will run out. Storage it in airtight plastic bag and most of the time it will stay crisp for up to 10 days.

Always use a Romaine leave on my breakfast sandwich under my ham and cheese. Also put loads of red onion rings on my breakfast sandwich – because it’s medical proven that raw onion prevent  thrombus. The Mediterranean countries has very low fatality from thrombus because they eat raw onion. Some useful information that you pobarbly can live without.  Now to the salad.

Baby Green Salad with Sesame, 6 person
3 raw beetroot, peeled and cut in very fine julienne
500 gr mixed baby salad leaves
1 bunch of spring onion, trimmed and sliced
12 radishes, thinly sliced
30 ml (2tbsp) sesame seeds, toasted

30 ml (2tbsp) rice-wine vinegar
10 ml (2tsp) light soy sauce
5 ml (1tsp) sesame oil
5 ml (1tsp) caster sugar
30 ml (2tsp) sesame seed, toasted

1. Slice the beetroots into thin slices then cut into fine julienned. Toss together with the salad leaves, spring onion and radishes
2. Whisk together all the dressings ingredients, make sure the sugar dissolves properly. Pour carefully over the salad just before serving, don’t soak it. Toss together. Sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds over.

Dressing can be made in advance kept chilled and the ingredients can be prepared hours before, but keep separate – chilled and well covered to keep the crispness.

Photos provided by; trevorpearson.com / cz.123rf .om

4 thoughts on “what i didn’t know; danish caramelizedn new potatoes & baby green salad

  1. I have so many potatoes sitting in my house right now. I need some potato inspiration. Thanks. By the way, have you ever posted a recipe for colcannon or have you ever made colcannon? I am looking for a good and authentic recipe for this dish.

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