as we all do …

#6 – on my gems list

The Waterfront Hotel & Bistro
7 North Crescent
Nr. Stranraer
South West Scotland
Phone : +44 (0) 1776 810800
12 double and 2 cottages for up to 4 people

Wedgwood blue – on the seafront – 5 meters away from the ocean – in this little fishing village on 20 min drive from Stranraer on the South West coast of Scotland – is the The Waterfront Hotel – Home away from home.

The rooms a beautiful decorated and lovely crisp bed linen without a wrinkle, the house keeper are ironing the beds when they been made. Absolutely spotless. Free WiFi in the whole hotel and the cottages, much better then bath robes and slippers. The rooms has the smallest shower rooms in the world – I think – but no problems. The main building is a graded building, so nothing could be changed inside, so the built-in-wardrobes became shower rooms.

Was invited to the opening of the hotel in June 1999 through my job in Stena Line and  all  years staying there  have I become very good friend with the owners and their staff, Geraldine and David. It’s like being at home. Going back every last weekend in November, because I love it when the rain and wind make the Irish Sea “evil” – it’s makes the place even more cosy.

Food ???? !!! ” The Bistro” favourite restaurant in the area – and the best I dare to say. My mentor once said that you should judge a chef by his vegetables – and the chef’s at “the Waterfront” are very gentle with their vegetables. In the tiniest kitchen are they performing to high standard and excellent presentation of the food. Nothing fancy or fooling around with silly stacks of carrots or pyramids of peas. Food are cooked with care and passion = like a love affair. Seafood and fish always top class, but the slow cooked lamb shank is one of my favourite dishes. On weekend the little restaurant is often full and they have to turn the foyer into private dinning room. Neither is there a problem for them to whisk up an omelet if that’s what you fancy.

If you like fresh seafood and fish, loads of fresh air, the ocean and a fantastic combination of  Scottish and Irish hospitality, as we all do – no doubts  – this is the prefect place for you. If there is any downfalls – is’t the weather, don’t count on blue sky and sunshine – but we can say as they do in Belfast … if you don’t like the weather, just wait 20 min.

Ceud mìle fàilte! / You are welcome!

Photo provided by; / / – michael thompson /

3 thoughts on “as we all do …

    • Yes, the same couple .. they live in Dublin and we have become the closest friends. Going to stay with them too down in Dublin for a couple of days.
      I know … the world is very small at times. Who knows maybe they have crossed somewhere … lived in Dover and Brighton too.

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