a piece of paris made in hong kong

The Peninsula
Salisbury Road, Kawloon
Hong Kong, SAR
(852) 1315 3171
EXECUTIVE CHEF: David Goodridge
HK$$$$$ – French Gourmet

This is something else … the a la carte restaurant of “Grand Dame of the Fare East” . So back I’m at The Peninsula. Maybe my soul never left “her”.

During all my time I got for “free” in Hong Kong between our China cruises in 1978-79 I had a really good chance to eat my way through the city.
Only been at this restaurant once and it was in a company of very charming and elegant Italian man that I met up with every time I came to Hong Kong.

Gaddi’s is an impressive experience. Fine dinning and wine in top class. Service as expected of a restaurant in this class – but not being too stiff about it. Still a legend that open in 1953 – with crystal and silver chandeliers from Paris and Tai Ping carpet , and a Chinese coromandel screen dating from 1670. Of course the ladies copy of the menu doesn’t have any prices.

Had my first meeting with fresh foie gras here and it’s my second most memorable dish. Where told that it’s flown in every morning fresh from Paris. Served lightly grilled with toasted slices of brioche with a fig bacon jam. Food for Gods! It was heavenly.
Know it’s not really the right thing to eat goose liver and the thought about how the poor birds are treated before slaughter makes me feel bad – but when I see foie gras on a menu – I can’t help myself. Please for give me. Don’t happen very often, but it happens.

As main I had veal cutlets, something I never had before neither – even if every Sunday dinner as a child we had veal steak. Still not very often veal cutlets are being served. Wonderful piece of meat – last time was in 2011 at “Grill Royal” in Berlin.

“Gaddi’s” introduced me to something that I still enjoy very much and every time I eat fresh foie gras or veal cutlet – I’m back where it all started.

The afternoon tea in The Lobby I will come to later.

photos provided by; cnngo.com / restaurantdiningcritiques.com / birdiegolfblog.com / magazeta.com / cravemag.com

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