nearly every night fever …

In April 1979 – we started up Shanghai’s first disco ever – in a foyer of a hotel along the river walk … never known the name of the hotel – for me all buildings looked the same … grey. Why this hotel, because it was close to where vessel was docked and for they hade a cassette radio in the reception. So with the two cassettes we hade – soundtrack from “Saturday Nigh Fever” and ABBA’s “”Voulez-Vous” – we danced the evenings away. We, the crew of “Lindblad Explorer”. What a success we made – the staff on the hotel enjoyed our little innocent “nightclub” People of the street came in to have a look at us with their bikes. Nobody joined in …. just stood there for hours watching us. “”Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” the most popular track.

So I’m claiming that I had a significant part in the development of the  entertainment industry/life of the modern Shanghai.

Same miracle with the TV – there was some around – the owners took their TV’s out on the streets so everybody could watch. A fantastic revolution that only took  about 25 years – it was the start of the high tech China we all own a piece of today. I was there when it all started.

“Disco is just jitterbug.”
Fred Astaire

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