don’t like runny mash: blackened salmon on sweet potato mash and soft fried vegetables.

Blackened Salmon on Sweet Potato Mash and soft fried vegetable, 4 portion

This is a stunning dish and full of flavours. Can use the spice-mix chicken or meat too with great results – so I recommend that you make a jar of the mix – much easier to have it ready made and also to make it. So we start with the spice-mix, it will give about 40 portions. Think I got the recipe from English Bay Café in Vancouver 1989.

100ml sea salt
100ml crushed black pepper
10ml (2tsp) cayenne pepper
100ml oregano
200ml sesame seeds
200ml paprika powder
100ml ground coriander
100ml soft brown sugar

Make sure it’s well mix – and you can keep in a air tight jar for up to a year.

Sweet potatoes are very soft and boil quicker the ordinary potatoes  – so for making the mash more firm I use ordinary potatoes too. Don’t like runny mash. Baby food for me.

4 x 200gr Salmon fillet (skin off) – well rinsed under cold water and tried with absorbing paper.
200gr sweet potatoes
300gr potatoes
100ml milk, warm
½ tsp nutmeg, freshly ground
10ml (2tsp) sugar
salt & pepper
1 large carrot
1 green pepper
1 large red onion
100gr frozen green peas
1/5 hot red chilli
75gr butter, melted
1 lemon, juice and zest
1. Cut the peeled carrot in matches size julienne and the pepper lengthways in 1cm thick slices. Chop the chilli so fine as possible.
2. Cut both kinds of potatoes in chunks – start with the ordinary potatoes and boil in salted water for about 10 min – then add the sweet potatoes. When boiled strain well and but back on the stove so all water evaporate.
3. Heat up the milk – add the butter, sugar and nutmeg. Always use my electric whisk for doing mash and I do straight in the pot that the potatoes has been cooked in. Just add the warm like during whisking. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
4. Rub the salmon fillet well on all sides – don’t turn the salmon in the full amount of thespice-mix, because then you have to through it everything away – it’s cross contaminated and cant’ be saved. Just take a small amount on a plate or grease proof paper at the time.
5. Fry the salmon on very high heat in oil for a couple of min. The transfer covered with folio to the warm oven 70C while preparing the vegetables. Salmon is a fish that continues cooking after taken off the heat and there nothing so bad as a dry piece of salmon. So be careful. Salmon can also without any hazard be served pink.
6. Softly fry the vegetables in oil – start with carrots and the peas last.
7. Melt butter add chopped chilli, lemon juice and zest.
Base the plate with the mash – lay the fried vegetables on top and drizzle with the lemon chilli butter. Of course we all eat our warm food on warm plates.

Photo provided by: me

only do rabbit chasers

Old Head Golf course, Kinsale, Rep. of Ireland

#2 – on my gems list – Kinsale, Rep. of Ireland

This is going to be a lot of writing about a very small place – a hidden gem – on the greenest island in the world.
Kinsale with a population of 2300 – a beautiful little fishing town in bold colours and full of stunning scenery surrounding it. 30 min drive from Cork. This little town has over 100 establishments for drinks and food and every year in October they hold Kinsale Gourmet Festival, festival that you can buy tickets to and eat the most fantastic food for 3 days for €230 this year. Now the town has a new cookery school. It’s said that Kinsale is the Food Mecca of Ireland and I agree. Been there during  festival once about 11 years ago. Have visit Kinsale 3 times in total and I missed it before leaving it every time. It’s a treasure. Then the Irish friendliness everywhere on top of it.

3 golf courses nearby .. the most famous is Old Head – on a small peninsula and extremely windy up there. The Clubhouse you can hardly see, because it’s built in with the rocks and dunes. A stunning view. Don’t play golf – have tried but it has only come to “rabbit chasers” – not able to concentrate enough.

Kinsale is nestles in with hills and ocean – small narrow streets with colourful houses – never fare from the the water. A town that have changed very little during 100 of years. A very charming and pretty town and it has become a very popular with tourists. Came to Kinsale the first time in 1991 when I lived outside Dublin.
A medieval town and in 1601 a battle between a combined Spanish, an Irish force and English armies, was a turning point in Irish history.

Kinsale has also a famous English school. Hard to find a nicer spot to learn English at.

Kinsale is twinned with:
Newport, USA
Mumbles, Wales/UK
Portofino, Italy
Antibes, France

So where to stay and where to eat – endless choices but I will recommend my favourites.
Great Pillows in Kinsale – text from – but I stayed on all 3.
Blindgate House
Blindgate, Kinsale, Co. Cork
Tel: 477 7858 Fax: 477 7868
Overlooking the town, this four star luxury guesthouse combines traditional Irish hospitality with modern facilities and imaginative cuisine for the discerning traveller. All en-suite bedrooms have TV, telephone, fax and modem connections. Private parking, six minutes walk from town centre. Amex accepted. We have a non-smoking policy throughout the house. Closed December – March.

Blue Haven Hotel
3/4 Pearse Street, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland
Tel: 477 2209 Fax: 477 4268
Award winning Boutique-style hotel situated in the heart of the beautiful Kinsale. Famous for it’s excellent food, service and style, the Blue Haven has an array of dining options to choose from, our cosy café, the Blue Haven Café, to our stylish newly refurbished Bar and Bistro, to our elegant Restaurant. Our menus feature a combination of Irish Cuisine with an international twist, with particular attention to fresh seafood from our local shores. Our now famous Blue Haven seafood chowder is always prominent on our menus. The Blue Haven prides itself in delivering the ultimate in friendly and efficient service in a stylish yet relaxed environment.

Old Presbyery Bed & Breakfast
€€ – €€€
Address: 43 Cork Street, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland
Tel: 021 477 2027 Fax: 477 2166
Five star Georgian townhouse with Victorian brass beds and antique furniture. Spacious rooms, some with jacuzzi and balcony. Quiet location. Recommended by all major guides. Private car park.

Fantastic waterholes – text from – all 3 tried by me and excellent.
Fishy Fishy Café
€€ @
Crowleys Quay,
021 4700415
Seafood only – all locally caught fish served in a casual, friendly atmosphere.

Man Friday
€€€ @
Scilly, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland
Tel: 021 477 2260
Kinsale’s oldest and most famous restaurant with consistently excellent cuisine and friendly service.

Summercove, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland
Tel: 021 477 2131 Fax: 021 477 3359
Bar Food served daily 12.30 to 4.30
Owner run bar serving bar food which specialises in seafood
“Best Gastro Pub in Cork” 2010
”Toddies Restaurant” upstairs open Tuesday to Sunday from 6 p.m.

So for your body and soul – if you are going to Ireland add a couple of days extra and visit Kinsale – one of the pretties and friendliest places on earth.

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