all about pillows

Burnham Hotel
1 W Washington St
Chicago, IL 60602, USA
(312) 782-1111
4-Star,  122 rooms and 19 suites

Now a Kimpton Hotel, is at once the essence of a Chicago boutique hotel and a very special one too. Inside the Loop and close to everything .. can’t ask for a better location. Located in the Reliance Building, design of course by the famous Chicago architect Daniel Burnham – the man behind some of the most stunning buildings in Chicago. Built in 1890-94. He are also the man the man behind the Flatiron Building in NYC – also called “The Iron”

This was my second visit to Chicago, 2002 – and it was the same fantastic feeling to as it became in 2000, and it was in the middle of June. Fantastic pleasant sunshine for 6 days and I found this hotel through “” to a fantastic rate of $98.00 per night. A fantastic deal. Lush and rich – welcoming, friendly and very service minded.

Was taken by storm of the warm welcoming and friendly atmosphere from the doorman to the reception. Felt so welcome and special. While checking in they asked me what kind of pillow I wanted for my bed – they have a pillow bar. Talk about WOW-factor.

Rooms to die for or in – rich interior in royal blues, golds and creams – spacious and lush – velvet and silk. Bed made in sumptuous Italian linens. Bathroom in creamy white and gold with wonderful details and Aveda toiletries.

Burnham have also a restaurant “Atwood Café” that serves what they call it them selves – comfort food with gourmet flair. Very popular and the food is good. Serves a great breakfast to reasonable prices. Their Egg Benedict on toasted English muffin with a freshly squeezed 50/50 orange and grapefruit juice together with an excellent cappuccino is a lovely start on your day.
In the evening you get a 3-course dinner for $40 – excellent offer.

Burnham Hotel is a very romantic hotel with modern indulgence. A memory for life.

Would I go back ???? Yes, I would if the price was right again. Now in July the prices are fare to high for me so I will be staying at Hyatt Regency instead. Total different kind of hotel but I got a king-size room for $124, but I will go back for breakfast at “Atwood Café”.

By the way I fell deeply in love with Chicago – that now is my “number ONE”  big city. Totally an other story.

“I stayed in a really old last night.
They sent me a wake-up letter”
Steven Wright

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