suffering from stockholm syndrome

No. 7  – Stockholm, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, built on 14 islands – winter or summer. Not because I’m Swedish – because that’s what it’s. Discover Stockholm very late – not until I moved aboard. Been in Stockholm a couple of times before that – changing train or plane and doing “over day business” with suppliers, but I had never taken time to really visit Stockholm as a true tourist.
If I ever been a true tourist anywhere.

Stockholm the capital of Sweden – 1,5 million lives in this city.
The Royal Castle – just in the middle of the city – next door the government buildings .. on the same small island we have “Gamla Stan” – the old city – with narrow streets and alley ways that is full of shops, restaurants and cafes.

Djurgården, an other small island with a great green area – the major tourist attractions is Skansen Vasa Museum and the amusment park – Gröna Lund. Djurgården is also know for the maginfint villas – residents includes royalty, diplomats, embiesses and bankers. Djurgården also known for it’s old oak trees. To reach the island the nicest way is to use the small ferries that leaves from Slussen.

Hötorget – with the consert hall and the wonderful outdoor market. The new food hall was built 1958.

NK – Stockholm’s most luxurious and prestigious department store, established in 1902 – Swedish and international fashion … amazing food court. A must in Stockholm, but there is shops to you drop all over the city and for all budgets. Swedish fashion design is now getting stronger on the international screen. Designers like: Acne, House of Dagmar & Lars Wallin
Then of course we have our the beautiful crystal from Orrefors and Kosta Boda.

In the summer there is outdoor restaurants and cafes everywhere – Swedish food has very high standard – we have something called “Dagens Rätt – at lunch time: you get a well prepared food that also include salad bar, bread/butter, soft drink and coffee under £7.00. Brilliant value. If there is anything expensive is it alcohol – mean whisky, rom and vodka. Nightclubs are very expensive – Beer 500ml you can get for around £4-5.00 and wine on a restaurant £30 per bottle.

Globen, the Globe – now the official Ericsson Globen – is an indoor arena , It was opened Febr 1989 and is the worlds largest spherical building. As of 2010 leads a gondola with 2 round gondolas up to the Globe’s top – 130 meters above sea level – the new tourist attraction knows as “Skyview”. Haven’t tried it yet.

Stockholm is a city for all senses – the cheapest capital city in Scandinavia and the biggest . Welcome to us !!!!






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