358 days – the little red ship

Original name: Lindblad Explorer
Shipyard: Nystads Varv AB, Finland
Tons: 550
Length oa 72.86 m
Length bp 64.5 m
Delivered to SAL: 1969
Sold: 1982
Today: Sank on November 23, 2007, Antarctic Ocean

MS Lindblad Explorer – the biggest adventure of my life– 07.07.1978– 13.07.1979

From Price Rupert, Canada to Hong Kong .. over Antarctic, Bali, Pitcairn Islands, Philippines, Easter Island, Bora Bora, Japan, Chile, South Pool, Tahiti, Samoa Islands, Argentina, China, Tonga, Thursday Island, North Island, Indonesian, New Guinea, Borneo, Great Barrier Reef, Falkland Islands, Alaska, Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji …. And more and more .. and more. Can’t remember them all. Today I wish that I had kept a diary.

Most memorable ???!! Without any doubts – Antarctic, Pitcairn Island and Borneo Orangutan Survival Center – today called BOS

The only cold larder chef .. we where a brigade of 4 chef’s that serviced up to 120 passengers and 58 crew, 18 different nationalities.

Unforgettable journey – unforgettable year – and I got US dollars tax free for doing it and quite a few!

Will share …. but not the money (all gone) …

“A ship in port is safe,
but that’s not what ships are built for.”
Grace Hopper

8 thoughts on “358 days – the little red ship

    • Yes, it was an amazing year and journey .. to the most amazing places on earth, it took quite a few years before I started to travel again .. my senses where filled to the rim.

    • I was at on hotel in London – and it was all over the news that morning – because they had quite a few passengers from UK aboard. It was the 2:nd time she stranded in Antratric – first time only 5 months after I had signed of, but she could be saved that time and were sold. It was the day before Christmas Eve.

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