egg in swedish ????? = ägg and no egg

Our immigrants get £1.000: – in bonus to learn Swedish!! ????? Now there is some idiot’s who wants to raise to £2.000 :-!!!??? While reading about that our elderly can’t get a boiled egg a day! Or cream and jam for pancakes once a week – because it is too expensive !!!!!!! For God’s sake – is this the way we want to have it ????? Nobody stands up and scream about it neither! I’m not racist, but Sweden should to take care of their elderly – who built this fantastic country – so we are able to offer UN the biggest acceptance quote for immigrants in the world!

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2 thoughts on “egg in swedish ????? = ägg and no egg

  1. Hi Viveka ,

    In the Netherlands we also have the same problem ,and the immigrants don’t want to learn the language en don’t want to work ,they only want money and a house and you wont believe it but they get are getting it for free , i don’t mind working but if you don’t have the money to help the elderly but you do have the money to help those leaches you can safely say that there is something wrong here !!

  2. Helen, thanks for visiting my blog and for the replay – you’re the first! Wonderful.
    – of course they should have all the help to learn their new language – because if the country have accepted them – but they should add something them self too. £1200 pounds sounds an awful lot of money too me. I can learn french for half that amount. So to give them even more money … is not right. Anyhow … how much does an egg cost ??? This with elderly care – good or bad … egg or no egg, all depends on where you are living in Sweden, all down to the councils . That’s not right neither. The care and standard should be the same for everybody.

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