very colorful … but still need a touch up!

… this with gray hair !!!! Hard when I want to have red hair –  know I was supposed to be a redhead, because my olive complexion and green eyes. Since 1970 has I colored my hair. In those days was all about Henna and what a color I had. Heads where turned after me and one time when I was in a jeweler shop, while living in Gothenburg – a gentlemen came into the shop of the street …  to give me a compliment for my hair. My hairdresser in those days – Eivor – all ways mixed in old coffee grind into the henna to give it a deepness. Eivor are still one of my best friends – friendship for over 30 years – but not my hairdresser anymore.

While work it was a visit to the hairdresser very 5th week .. today I have to do it myself and today I tried something new;  “Nice’n Easy Foam” by Clariol – used this brand when ever I haven’t gone to a hairdresser. Last 2 years it has been “Perfect 10” – a brilliant product. Have to mix to shades to get the right one for me – a bit messy, but it works fine.

So today I used their latest product – mix light auburn and light brown – very easy, but when I put it my hair I wasn’t too convinced it will cover the gray.  Very easy to apply and no dripping or messing about. Surprise – Surprise! Every gray hair is covered nicely. Very nice product – that I warmly recommend.

So for an other 6 weeks … my world is a bit more colorful.

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