real pleasure … and very little guilt – men!

1. Chris Noth

Chris is my kind of man .. he are a man that I will turn around after and walk into a door for. He has everything when it’s about looks … even if maybe he aren’t the most handsome one of my bunch.

2. Simon Baker

Sexy … very sexy – but a bit too young and short. Like length on my men. Age or length wouldn’t be a massive problem if I ever run into him.

3. George Clooney

The Ultimate Man!!!

4. Denzel Washington

He are the black version of Chris Noth for me – plus I love his laughter.

5. Stephen Bryden

My boss for over 8 years, but also a very good friend for longer. Find  him very attractive because of his intelligence and his personality, but also for his values     for family, work and people – of course his looks. Never told him – because it would have been very  inappropriate – with him being my boss. Now I can say it.

6. L A Reid

Before I start watch X-factor US  – didn’t have a clue who he was – but he stepped into my living room and bedroom every week. That beautiful smile, deep voice, intensive eyes and a gentlemen behavior. Wow, some eye-candy this man.

So this is my list of handsome and sexy men … that gives a smile to my soul and heart

13 thoughts on “real pleasure … and very little guilt – men!

  1. Oddly enough, of the bunch, Simon Baker does it most for me. There is something innately sexy about Denzel, but he’s not my type. (When I go chocolate, I like my Shemar Moore…LOL!) I’m mixed on Clooney…sometimes he’s sexy to me, sometimes he’s not. But I wonder if he sings like his aunt. If he does, that would be a definite plus in my book…LOL!

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