real pleasure … and very little guilt – men!

1. Chris Noth

Chris is my kind of man .. he are a man that I will turn around after and walk into a door for. He has everything when it’s about looks … even if maybe he aren’t the most handsome one of my bunch.

2. Simon Baker

Sexy … very sexy – but a bit too young and short. Like length on my men. Age or length wouldn’t be a massive problem if I ever run into him.

3. George Clooney

The Ultimate Man!!!

4. Denzel Washington

He are the black version of Chris Noth for me – plus I love his laughter.

5. Stephen Bryden

My boss for over 8 years, but also a very good friend for longer. Find  him very attractive because of his intelligence and his personality, but also for his values     for family, work and people – of course his looks. Never told him – because it would have been very  inappropriate – with him being my boss. Now I can say it.

6. L A Reid

Before I start watch X-factor US  – didn’t have a clue who he was – but he stepped into my living room and bedroom every week. That beautiful smile, deep voice, intensive eyes and a gentlemen behavior. Wow, some eye-candy this man.

So this is my list of handsome and sexy men … that gives a smile to my soul and heart

13 thoughts on “real pleasure … and very little guilt – men!

  1. Funny that I asked the question, and you answered by directing me with a past post! BTW – George is shorter than you may think.

  2. Oddly enough, of the bunch, Simon Baker does it most for me. There is something innately sexy about Denzel, but he’s not my type. (When I go chocolate, I like my Shemar Moore…LOL!) I’m mixed on Clooney…sometimes he’s sexy to me, sometimes he’s not. But I wonder if he sings like his aunt. If he does, that would be a definite plus in my book…LOL!

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