Hong Kong – a world of it’s own.

                                                                                                                                                                       No.3 – Hong Kong, need to be inhaled and to be seen!

There is something VERY special about HK. It’s smell, it’s pulse – It’s nightlights. It’s the food – you have the whole worlds cuisine in one place.  Ocean Center & City – with it’s fantastic shopping . This shopping-center complex is one of the largest in Asia and boasts more than 700 shops and 50 restaurants.     

Poor Man’s Nightclub Market, Macau Ferry Terminal – the night time market – full of gods and great smells from all the woks. A must!!! Great bargins.
Aberdeen is famous to tourists for its floating village – sampan boats – and the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant, that serves great seafood and Chinese dishes of course .

The Repulse Bay – where the rich and famous lives – on the backside of Hong Kong Island with sandy beaches. Take the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak and enjoy the most breathtaking view over Hong Kong! Two big shopping malls up there too now. Take the “Star Ferry” across Victoria Harbour, between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Great and quick ride. Hong Kong = shop to you drop. Fits all accounts, but some Rolex are made of  paper

Hong Kong is a world of it’s own .. one world during daylight and one world during night. I love them both.

Spent quite a lot of time in Hong Kong during 1977-78 when I worked aboard MV “Lindblad Explorer” – and we started up their China cruises. “Lindblad Explorer” was the first cruse liner ever into China. We did 21 China cruises – picked up passengers in Nagasaki and Hong Kong. Signed off in Hong Kong 14.07.78 after a full year aboard – but that is an other story and we will come to later.

click on this link for video – Welcome to Hong Kong

photos provided by; citypictures.net / trekarth.com / zenstudio.ee / en.wikipedia org / RobertNicholls

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