well hidden gem – 4 mill street in london

Pattersons food - dinewizard com

#4 – on my gems list

4 Mill Street London,
London W1S 2AX, UK
(20) 7499 1308 – Reserve!!!
EXECUTIVE CHEF & OWNER; Raymond Patterson
£££ – Modern European

No London without a visit to “Patterson’s” on Mill Street. This is not a restaurant that you find while out shopping on Oxford Str. You have to know where you’re going and if you been there – you will always find your way back. This is something very special. The food is sooOoOOo good and the plate’s presentation is like art. Mostly Scottish produce, particularly seafood – but if there is lamb on the menu I go for that. Signature dish: Smoked haddock soufflé, cod branded and baby spinach, white wine and herring roe sauce

The mood is understated rather than restrained, elegant but not stuffy, with comfortable high-backed chairs, dark glass vases of greenery, some impressive abstract seascapes, and two fish tanks.
Service is absolutely superlative with staff well-briefed on the creative menu – nothing is a problem if you want to mix menus. Have only eat their set menus – £45 – looks like they have now gone over to a la carte with indv. pricing
Very relaxed atmosphere. You can’t go wrong with an evening with “Patterson’s”
Located between Oxford Circus and Bond Street – as I said very well hidden.
A gem worth looking for.

Just found at that “Patterson’s” has now closed – what I lost for us foodies when visiting London.


 Photos provided by; pattersonsrestaurant.co.uk

in somebody’s private home

#14 – on my gems list

Le Clef des Champs
Rue de Rollebeek, 23
1000 Brussels, Belgium
(2) 512 11 93

€€ – French

My most memorable meal …. Lightly smoked bacon hook on red lentils – and it was in 1992

We found this romantic and intimate resturant by mistake on one of the back streets behind Grand Place.
In 1992 it had a decoration all in yellow and white. Madame very sweet and welcoming. Her husband – a big man who are very talent chef. Later found out that he always are a painter and his art is the décor of the small restaurant. You will get more of feeling that you’re in somebody’s private home and not in a big city restaurant.

A fantastic evening .. with the greatest food and still after all those years I can still sense the sell of that bacon hook. It was presented in a clay pot and when I lifted that lid – my god!!! Aroma from heaven.
Have been eating many dishes … all over the world, but this dish is the only one I still can sense when thinking about it.

The owner’s such a lovely couple and they made our evening there very special.

In the 2004 in may I went back … happy to see that Madame where still there, but the husband where at home. It was lovely to be back … the bacon hook wasn’t on the menu, but we had a lovely meal – can’t remember what we had. To be honest I had expected a little bit more of the menu, a lot (I guess) was that I couldn’t have the “Bacon Hook”. *smile

They have been awarded as Toptable Dining Awards 2010 – Runner Up: Best International Venue. Recommend this – set menus from €33 – 60, 3 courses … it’s a gem.

photos provided by: clefdeschamps.be

358 days – the little red ship

Original name: Lindblad Explorer
Shipyard: Nystads Varv AB, Finland
Tons: 550
Length oa 72.86 m
Length bp 64.5 m
Delivered to SAL: 1969
Sold: 1982
Today: Sank on November 23, 2007, Antarctic Ocean

MS Lindblad Explorer – the biggest adventure of my life– 07.07.1978– 13.07.1979

From Price Rupert, Canada to Hong Kong .. over Antarctic, Bali, Pitcairn Islands, Philippines, Easter Island, Bora Bora, Japan, Chile, South Pool, Tahiti, Samoa Islands, Argentina, China, Tonga, Thursday Island, North Island, Indonesian, New Guinea, Borneo, Great Barrier Reef, Falkland Islands, Alaska, Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji …. And more and more .. and more. Can’t remember them all. Today I wish that I had kept a diary.

Most memorable ???!! Without any doubts – Antarctic, Pitcairn Island and Borneo Orangutan Survival Center – today called BOS

The only cold larder chef .. we where a brigade of 4 chef’s that serviced up to 120 passengers and 58 crew, 18 different nationalities.

Unforgettable journey – unforgettable year – and I got US dollars tax free for doing it and quite a few!

Will share …. but not the money (all gone) …

“A ship in port is safe,
but that’s not what ships are built for.”
Grace Hopper

about 3000 caloriers; white chocolate and whiskey croissant pudding

This recipe I found a magazine, ”New Woman” for about 10 years ago .. and with a bit of coup against one my colleagues I manage to get this dessert on our cooperate menu (we toke the decision while he was on the gents) and I think it became one of the most memorable dishes we ever did, both for guest and staff  (reasons vary). Still do it for my friends and it’s a winner with everybody … be careful with all the leftover bits – they really fill you up.

Have tried to do this in indv. dishes .. but it became to dry for my taste.

6 croissants, day’s old
400 ml standard milk
400 double cream
200 gr sugar
1 vanilla pod – cut lengthways
6 egg yolks
3 whole egg
30 gr sultanas
20 gr butter – melted
150 gr white chocolate, in pieces
45 ml whiskey

Pre-heat oven 180C degrees, baking time 40 min, 6 portions

1. Slice the croissants in 3 slice – place them in a greased baking tin – overlapping. It has to look bulky.
2. Sprinkle the sultanas over the croissants and drizzle the melted butter over.
3. Whisk to together eggs, egg yolks and sugar.
4. Pour the milk and cream to a pan with the vanilla pod with a lengthways cut – gradually bring to the boil for 5 min. Remove from the heat to cool down a bit.
5. Pick up the vanilla pod, place on a grease proof paper (so the vanilla is easier to be transferred back to the milk/cream mixture) – open up and scrape the vanilla out and put back to milk/cream.
6. Stir in the egg mixture into the milk/cream and add the chocolate – stir until all the chocolate has dissolved. Add whiskey.
7. Strain the mixture over the croissants through a chinos – the mixture have to be above the croissants. Cover with folio.
8. Bake for 25 min, until almost se then remove the folio for the last 10 min .. to get the crust without burning.
9. Has to be cold when being cut out. I use a special high pastry cutter – a high coffee mug will work too. Dip it in cold water between every portion cutout.

When it comes to serving I cheat – buy ready made custard that I mix with ready made chocolate sauce. Use that as the base under the “pudding” and on top of the pudding I place a ball of high quality vanilla ice cream.

As one our guest that said .. .. – it’s better then the sex I had last night!

photo provided by: fickr.com

this is what my kind of music does to me

MUSIC – what would me day … my life be without it ????? This a pure pleasure – a NECESSITY for me.  Can say that I “eat” everything – so long it touches somehow my heart and soul. And I love to share my kind of music with rest of the world – even if the world want to or don’t want.

While working in UK …  every Christmas instead of Christmas card – did I create a very personal playlist that I burned to a CD. Started of with about 70, but last Christmas did I burn 180 CD. A victim under my own success – my friends, colleagues, customers and suppliers start asking in August already if there will be a CD for Christmas. Still burn CD’s for Christmas in a much smaller scale now … down to 50.

My last mass production did go to all the hospital staff & doctors that toke such a fantastic care of me and dragged me through the treatments and illness atLund’s University Hospital. 250 in total. Instead of sending them cakes, that is more of a tradition to do over here. At least they will always have something from me .. that maybe will give them a smile once in a while.

When I have bought the special program here on Worldpress … will I be able to publish my kind of music and share with you, but until then …. I lean on Youtube.

Enjoy !

Mozart’s “Ave Verum Corpus kv. 618”
The Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir
Directed by Leonard Bernstein

egg in swedish ????? = ägg and no egg

Our immigrants get £1.000: – in bonus to learn Swedish!! ????? Now there is some idiot’s who wants to raise to £2.000 :-!!!??? While reading about that our elderly can’t get a boiled egg a day! Or cream and jam for pancakes once a week – because it is too expensive !!!!!!! For God’s sake – is this the way we want to have it ????? Nobody stands up and scream about it neither! I’m not racist, but Sweden should to take care of their elderly – who built this fantastic country – so we are able to offer UN the biggest acceptance quote for immigrants in the world!

photo provided by ica.se

very colorful … but still need a touch up!

… this with gray hair !!!! Hard when I want to have red hair –  know I was supposed to be a redhead, because my olive complexion and green eyes. Since 1970 has I colored my hair. In those days was all about Henna and what a color I had. Heads where turned after me and one time when I was in a jeweler shop, while living in Gothenburg – a gentlemen came into the shop of the street …  to give me a compliment for my hair. My hairdresser in those days – Eivor – all ways mixed in old coffee grind into the henna to give it a deepness. Eivor are still one of my best friends – friendship for over 30 years – but not my hairdresser anymore.

While work it was a visit to the hairdresser very 5th week .. today I have to do it myself and today I tried something new;  “Nice’n Easy Foam” by Clariol – used this brand when ever I haven’t gone to a hairdresser. Last 2 years it has been “Perfect 10” – a brilliant product. Have to mix to shades to get the right one for me – a bit messy, but it works fine.

So today I used their latest product – mix light auburn and light brown – very easy, but when I put it my hair I wasn’t too convinced it will cover the gray.  Very easy to apply and no dripping or messing about. Surprise – Surprise! Every gray hair is covered nicely. Very nice product – that I warmly recommend.

So for an other 6 weeks … my world is a bit more colorful.

it’s good to talk

Don’t know how I would survived without SKYPE – join them 2007 – when living in Belfast. Would never be able to keep contact with my friends, specially in Sweden – but also around Europa and North America through the years.

Of course it’s a Swedish invention:

Skype is a company active in the field of Internet-basedcommunications, especially VoIP. The company was founded in 2003 by Swedish entrepreneur Niklas Zennstrom and DaneJanus Friis, which previously built a record of file-sharingprogram Kazaa. In September 2005, bought the American Ebayup Skype for at least 19 billion – the price can depend on itseconomic development over the next few years amount to 31billion.  This made Niklas Zennström one of Sweden’s richest men. On 1 September 2009, confirmed Ebay that they sold 65 percent of Skype for $ 1.9 billion to Silver Lake Partners,Ventures, Marc Andre Essence investment fund, Andreessen Horowitz, and to a Canadian pension fund.

Skype is also the name of the company’s product / software. Thiswas written by Estonia-based developers Ahti Heinla, PriitKasesalu and Jaan Tallinn, which also initially had developed Kazaa. The Skype Group is headquartered in Luxembourgwith branch offices in London, Tallinn, Tartu, Stockholm, Prague, and San Jose, California. Microsoft bought Skype for nearly55 billion May 10, 2011.

I have a SKYPE phone number as my main phone number and I don’t  have to have the computer on – to be able to phone or make a call. Fantastic. For £10 a months for I subscribe the number and unlimited calls to land lines in Europa. SKYPE …. are making the world much smaller

Today when somebody on Facebook want to chat with me and I’m not logged in – they reach me through SKYPE. Brilliant!!!!

So it’s not only good to talk … it’s very cheap too and can be totally free. Just get it !!!!!!

sleeping with patrick

The Mentalist –  Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) – a  very sexy man, as I mention before.
Watched the lasted episode a couple of days ago where he gave the tip regarding problems with sleeping. Have been practicing since then and it works for me. You count to one when you breathe in – and two when you breath out, I only had to do it a couple of times and I was asleep – every time I woke up I start counting and into the fairyland I went. Give it a try!!!! – Please let me know if it works for you too.

when you have been dancing with the demon – you never forget the steps

                                                                                                                                                                            …. and you don’t want to be asked for an other dance. Talking about cancer now. Every ten minutes  are a Swede been diagnosed with cancer. 50.000 people every year and only 2/3 of us are surviving.

Cancer is something that always happen to somebody else ..  that’s what we think. Until the day – sorry, but the news are not that great. That day arrived for me 12.07.10 /  08.45 CET.

Personally was I such a pain for nearly 8 months .. could hardly walk – couldn’t sleep … my pain was in my hips – and if it had been for the bleeding … I wouldn’t been here today. Cervical cancer – tumor bigger than a golf ball caused my pain.

When I got the news .. did I become so calm – and slept like a baby every night until the operation, 3 weeks later. I don’t think it really sank in with me that I had cancer – all I wanted was for the pain to go away. My first thought when I woke up was – no pain in my hips.

That awaking .. was only a start on a very rough and tough journey – that I more or less did on my own – except my doctors and hospital staff that dragged me through it all.

Had a fantastic support over Facebook from my friends here in Sweden and abroad – but not much physical support as such – the journey very lonely. Nothing I hold against anyone … but it was a period when I really understood how lonely we really are or can be even if we have friends and acquaintances.

Still I’m  happy over that I was back in Sweden when this all happen – the treatments and the standards are outstanding. Not only that – it was a fantastic comfort to speak with doctors in my own language.

The fear that … I will asked for an other dance are always there.

This has nothing to do with pleasure – but maybe some guilt – guilt over that I’m not fully thankful for that I have survived so fare – that I every day more or less want my old body and life back. Mostly be free from the fear .. and the side effects from the treatments.

photo provided by: louisville.com

snow & ice

Yesterday evening we got our first snow for this season here in the South – big big flakes, but this morning all gone and we have sunshine instead.

Love the snow – it make everything so soft.

Last evening I spent with a good friend and her 2 daughters with “Disney on Ice” at Malmoe Arena. – Princesses and Heroes – very pretty. Won 4 tickets through  a competition on Facebook: had the right answer – Apples ????!!!!. It was a great evening because if there is anything Disney is great on is eye for details and greatness. Even if I don’t think the skating was that great, was expecting a lot more. The kids loved it and there was loads of them. Enjoyed the show and the company.

It must be more then 30 years ago I was at an ice show last and in those days it was called “Holiday on Ice”. I’m old !!!!!!

When leaving the arena – snow fell softly on us – it was a bit freezing, but a nice finishing on a pleasant enough evening.

big city girl !!!!

Wouldn’t like to live in one … but I love to visit them. I think it’s the pulse, atmosphere and buzz – the opportunities they offers that attracts me so. To be able to sit and people watch for hours .. to see shows,  to eat on exciting restaurants – walk around without any special goal and find areas that’s not in every city guide. Good shopping –  nothing wrong with that. Not an ordinary tourist when I’m travelling – don’t have to see all the sights – don’t have to what the guide books are telling me I should do.

1. Chicago


3. Hong Kong  (post; 19.01.12) 

4. Barcelona &  Athens (post;10.03.12)

5. Berlin

6. London

7. Stockholm (post; 01.02.12)

8. New York

9. Boston

10. Dublin (post; 21.02.12)

Nagasaki (post; 04.02.12)

Copenhagen (post; 01.02.12)

New Orleans (post; 14.03.12 & 17.03.12) 



Paris (post; 20.03.12)

So my experience and views on the those cities will I share with you. The reasons why I love them so – will introduce you to hotels I stayed on – restaurants I have enjoyed.

Then we have – my gems – will share them too, but they don’t belong here.

Welcome aboard. – we just left Hong Kong behind.

To listen and watch click: Bright Lights Bigger City’

real pleasure … and very little guilt – men!

1. Chris Noth

Chris is my kind of man .. he are a man that I will turn around after and walk into a door for. He has everything when it’s about looks … even if maybe he aren’t the most handsome one of my bunch.

2. Simon Baker

Sexy … very sexy – but a bit too young and short. Like length on my men. Age or length wouldn’t be a massive problem if I ever run into him.

3. George Clooney

The Ultimate Man!!!

4. Denzel Washington

He are the black version of Chris Noth for me – plus I love his laughter.

5. Stephen Bryden

My boss for over 8 years, but also a very good friend for longer. Find  him very attractive because of his intelligence and his personality, but also for his values     for family, work and people – of course his looks. Never told him – because it would have been very  inappropriate – with him being my boss. Now I can say it.

6. L A Reid

Before I start watch X-factor US  – didn’t have a clue who he was – but he stepped into my living room and bedroom every week. That beautiful smile, deep voice, intensive eyes and a gentlemen behavior. Wow, some eye-candy this man.

So this is my list of handsome and sexy men … that gives a smile to my soul and heart

Hong Kong – a world of it’s own.

                                                                                                                                                                       No.3 – Hong Kong, need to be inhaled and to be seen!

There is something VERY special about HK. It’s smell, it’s pulse – It’s nightlights. It’s the food – you have the whole worlds cuisine in one place.  Ocean Center & City – with it’s fantastic shopping . This shopping-center complex is one of the largest in Asia and boasts more than 700 shops and 50 restaurants.     

Poor Man’s Nightclub Market, Macau Ferry Terminal – the night time market – full of gods and great smells from all the woks. A must!!! Great bargins.
Aberdeen is famous to tourists for its floating village – sampan boats – and the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant, that serves great seafood and Chinese dishes of course .

The Repulse Bay – where the rich and famous lives – on the backside of Hong Kong Island with sandy beaches. Take the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak and enjoy the most breathtaking view over Hong Kong! Two big shopping malls up there too now. Take the “Star Ferry” across Victoria Harbour, between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Great and quick ride. Hong Kong = shop to you drop. Fits all accounts, but some Rolex are made of  paper

Hong Kong is a world of it’s own .. one world during daylight and one world during night. I love them both.

Spent quite a lot of time in Hong Kong during 1977-78 when I worked aboard MV “Lindblad Explorer” – and we started up their China cruises. “Lindblad Explorer” was the first cruse liner ever into China. We did 21 China cruises – picked up passengers in Nagasaki and Hong Kong. Signed off in Hong Kong 14.07.78 after a full year aboard – but that is an other story and we will come to later.

click on this link for video – Welcome to Hong Kong

photos provided by; citypictures.net / trekarth.com / zenstudio.ee / en.wikipedia org / RobertNicholls

hello world!

Welcome come to my world – a world of guilty pleasures and they are all mine. To describe myself in few words –  very well traveled and an excellent chef. So that’s what my world is going to be about – here!

It’s was my friend Barbara in Belfast that talked me into starting this … Totally new to this .. so have patient with me !

Because of all my experiences I have from all over the world through work  and travel – but most because of all my recipes

So this .. is it! I have started.


photo provide by: thebesthdwallpapers.com